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    I use 64x, because i have enough mods loaded that I am taking a HUGE FPS hit, even with optifine.

    This is an awesome thing, I've used Sphax's pack for quite some time and having an IC2 compatible version is wonderful.

    About the out of place pixels, you need to check both rubber (which isn't a big deal, as most people won't carry around rubber in their hands) and tree taps (which kinda is, because people do). Everything else looks great.

    On topic, sort of. My problem with pumps is that buildcraft pumps will not drain a lava lake, unless I am missing something. They grab like the blocks under them, and maybe 3x3 around that, or is it 5x5? Either way, as far as I've seen, there is way too much manual moving of the pump about, near and over lava. Which isn't a recipe for disaster, heh.

    Yeah, I'll be using standard generators. 6 of them, probably. Fueled by biofuel filled fuel tanks at 16,000 EU each. With a batbox or two to act as a buffer should hold things together for a while.

    Recycle my geothermal generator as a mobile charging station for my miner. I'm thinking instead of starting from the surface, since I'm already down here, I'll just dig a long tunnel at layer 20 or so and use the miner to scoop up all the diamonds and redstone, should take significantly less power that way. I won't get as much iron and tin that way, mind, but I need diamonds more anyway, so I can get a quarry going.

    Yeah, I was afraid of that.

    Actually, i had a semi-bright idea, more for the fun of setting it up than anything else. Like most people, I have buildcraft set up alongside IC2, so I am setting up an automatic reed farm topside. Reeds to plant clumps, to compressed plants to biocells to biofuel cells to a canning machine for filled fuel tanks. Kinda complicated, but should be fun to set up. I am thinking I should be able to get like 10 or so filled fuel tanks at a run, or 160,000 EU, more than enough to run my small set up downstairs for a few days each trip. Should get me by until I get the materials gathered for a nuclear reactor, I think?

    I WISH there was a better way to fill lava cells, because I have some massive lava lakes near my base. Neither buildcraft nor IC2 pumps do much with lava, unfortunately. You can move a few bucketfuls at a time, not nearly enough.

    I've got a mining base at about layer 12, and I need power. currently, I have a geothermal generator set up, and it runs my small collection of tier 1 machines ok. However, trying to charge a batpack takes forever, and, of course, the occasional trips to the nearest (shrinking) lava lake are annoying. So, I decided to set up some maintenance free energy. My choices are wind, which won't work because I'm about 100 meters too low, solar, which would require knocking a 50 meter or so deep hole in my ceiling, which I'd MUCH rather not do, or water. Water would look like the best choice here... except it appears to be completely useless. Unless you want to be lugging buckets around (which defeats the purpose anyway) the best any one water mill appears to produce is about .25 EU, and about .21 or so realistically. Really?

    So, to get the 10 EU/t I get from my geothermal generator I'd need 40 water mills? What? And if I wanted real power I'd need HUNDREDS of the things.

    Is it just me, or is using water mills just a complete waste of time and resources?