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    Is there a way to use the steam turbine as a part-time generator? Only by disabling the boilers, right?
    Or could I apply redstone signal through a control cover and disable the boilers without cutting off the lava supply?
    Greg, pretty please, you have been mercifull lately, do you mind answering my question, if you can somehow disable boilers/turbine by applying a redstone current?

    Btw - how many advanced pumps do you need for running two boilers?

    You can put a Machine Controller cover on the turbine and redstone the casing on the side you put it on.

    Another test that involved 2 Electric Craftingtables.
    1 MFE >1 Electric Craftingtable (512EU) > 1 Electric Craftingtable (1Mil Storage)(512EU)

    Took about 6min :30 ish seconds to fill 1Mil EU, which is about 128 EU/t.

    I would like to bring up the issue again where machines that output energy do not output the max input energy.

    1. Industrial Electrolyzer (2M EU Storage)(2048EU) > Advanced Regulator (2048EU) > MFSU
    2. Industrial Electrolyzer (2M EU Storage)(2048EU) > MFSU

    The setup WITHOUT the Advanced Regulator will fill the internal buffer much quicker than if you have the Advanced Regulator output to the Industrial Electrolyzer If you use this setup with any EU configuration you will notice the same results.

    Another test is that you can do:
    1 Industrial Electrolyzer (1MIL Storage)(512EU)
    4 Advanced Regulators (512EU)
    4 MFE's

    Connect each Regulator to the electrolyzer, connect the MFE's to the Regulators. Output Energy to outputside, and watch no explosions take place.

    I am using an Advanced Regulator on a Industrial Electrolyzer, and currently both have 1 transformer upgrade. I select output energy to the ouput side for the Advanced Regulator it will not provide enough energy to the Electrolyzer. Currently I am using 4.07r

    Is there a pump solution in Gregtech where I don't need another mod? I know we have pumps and advanced pumps, the problem is there range. In my testing the pump only takes from right beside it or below the miner it's conneted to (max 9x9 area). Advanced pumps seem to only do a small area 9x9. I would like a gregtech solution that works like other pump mods the pump a large area. Is there something that does this and I missed it?

    And can someone PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY WHY WHY this mod is the only one that I have to have anytime I run minecraft??? Is there something wrong with me?

    The advanced pump is much larger than a 9x9 area.

    GT turbine doesn't respond to redstone and functions on a ramping efficiency (viewable via Nuclear Control) that caps at the same ratio as the RC turbine (but uses cheaply renewable or freely repairable rotors). You need to supply it a constant 1600mB/t of steam, or it will fail to function at a high efficiency and will waste the steam you pump into it.

    You can place a machine control cover Redstone Machine Controller cover on the side of the turbine to control it.

    IIRC you need 2.222 36 hp boilers to run GT turbine. But you could use quantum tank for steam storage and feed it to turbine. For 2x36 you will need to stop turbine periodically to let steam build up. For 3x36 you will have excess steam you can use for BC power or even powering GT machines/something else.
    RC turbine uses a lot of steel, so produce more eu per steam.

    I believe that GT turbine is exactly the same as Railcraft if you use the carbon rotor, however this will not last as long as Railcraft. Gregtech turbine requires additional redstone logic to control the output of the turbine, otherwise the turbine will continue to generate power even if it is not being used. Railcraft is energy on-demand.

    I believe this is correct...

    I:Probability_5=5 <----- This is the chance that an ore has to spawn in a chunk that is generated. I believe this would mean that every 5 chunks there will be an iridium ore spawned in those chunks. So decrease the amount.