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    Well I'm planning to update this mod soon. I want to make the heater gui only appear when there is actually a heater in the reactor
    and changing sprites.

    However my exams start next week (studying civil engineering) so I don't have to much spare time on my hands :s

    Sounds great I haven't built a breeder reactor yet when i do i will def try this out.
    Nice job buddy

    After Thought what if it used energy from the reactor to keep running?

    hmmm didn't think about that. I might need to think about it a bit. I don't want it to be to powerful because that might ruin it
    But yeah great suggestion thanks.

    l3lueD4izon wrote:

    There was 2 sprites in the original (in index mode) one colored one not so I think the creator is/may still be working on the charged/uncharged sprite rendering code, I also added the off sprite just for compliance :thumbup:

    Yeah I had two sprites in it because I wanted to have an off one for when the heater didn't heat. Haven't figured out how to do that yet. Last thing I tried it changed the sprite for every heater item in the game :p
    Also you sprite looks perfect. Exactly what it needed. So would you be ok with it if I used yours in the addon? (Off course you'll get all the credit for it ;) )

    Every been annoyed at all the lava buckets you need to place in a breeder reactor to get it up to temperature?
    Well I was annoyed the first time it had to do it. So I decided to make the "Reactor heater"
    This addon adds an item to Industrialcraft, the "Reactor Heater" and what it does is
    basically heat the hull of a reactor to a target heat. It cannot cool that reactor and if it runs out of energy it can
    no longer provide anymore heat to the reactor.
    The reactor heater heats the reactor by using it's stored energy to create heat. It does so at a rate of 1 EU for 1 heat
    and provides a maximum heat of 200 per pulse.
    If the hull reaches the preset heat it will just stop heating until the hull drops below that preset heat level
    The heater stores 128000 energy units which (given the fact that 1 EU equals 1 heat) is the same as 64 lava buckets

    The crafting recipe is:
    Integrated heat dispenser | glowstone dust | Integrated heat dispenser
    Energy crystal | electronic circuit | Energy crystal

    Just craft the heater, charge it and insert it an empty slot in the reactor.
    When you do this you will notice that the reactor GUI has an extra bit where you
    can set the target heat level.

    Please do:
    Give your opinion about this addon but please be constructive. If you don't like it you can
    say so but add why you don't like it. If you like it enjoy and also leave a comment why
    you like it :p
    And of course suggestions are always welcome (maybe you don't like the recipe or energy storage?)
    Also I'm unsure how I need to prepare this for SMP so any help there is also welcome

    Download the zip file and copy the content of it in the industrial craft jar.
    (don't add it to the mods folder, you need to copy the content in the industrial craft jar
    because it modifies industrial craft files)

    ps: this is my first mod so I hope it has a bit of quality :p