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    I'm Pretty sure limited space is not an issue, I think it is an interaction bug between IC2 rubber saplings and RP2 deployers, Maybe some collaboration between yourself And Eloraam would help or maybe even solve the problem. I'm pretty sure neither one has a problem on their own I just think It is when the two start to interact with eachother.

    If you would like I could contact eloraam again.

    I have been using and playing mods for a while now so I am no stranger to how to install them, I have had my share of problems before but I always seem to be able to figure them out, however this problem takes the cake, so to speak.

    I have been having lots of problems with minecraft recently, which is strange considering i have been using a combination of mods that used to work just fine for me. so I decided to start with a fresh jar and install things over again.
    I have installed the following mods in this order:
    ModloaderMP fix
    Minecraft forge 1.1.1
    IC2 1.15 (i just copied the jar into the mod folder just to be clear)

    I was going to install buildcraft, and a few other of the really good techy mods but i decided I will just start with ic2.
    however upon starting up this is the error I got.

    Does anyone know whats going on?

    I have redownloaded everything with the hopes that maybe a file was missing when i installed something but nothing i do helps.