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    You know, stating more clearly that it needs frequent cooldowns would be helpful ;)

    Also, since you're clocking it anyway you might as well just remove those single uran-iso pair, since they reduce the "efficiency" of the breeder (Number of isos bred per uran used)

    I originally put that pair in there for balance issues

    The reason I put so many depleted isotope cells in there was to fine
    tune the heat so it's stable over 9000k. The depleted isotope cells
    seemed to add a small amount of heat. Just experimenting, hadn't seen
    any post for breeders that recharge a lot of cells at once. I'll
    probably mess around with it again in a few days.

    I edited the title, so very sorry

    and it doesn't heat up the plates and coolant cells just melt

    This last version I posted lasts for 17 minutes, then just needs to be either manually shut off or the plates/cells switched


    Not to point out the obvious, but won't the water evaporate after getting to 6000-9000 temperature? Or are we intended to add water as we go alone?


    Have your water source blocks 2-3 units above your reactor, that way
    flowing water can be evaporated but the source blocks are safe

    Was just messing around today, made a breeder that can charge 8 cells fast and 2 slow at the same time. totally stable once you get it to +9000 heat. Was messing around with Gorni's design and liked it. My problem with this game is I over engineer EVERYTHING! :)

    Just heat this bad boy up in like a minute or so with the plates removed and then pop them back in and your golden:

    Currently testing to see how long it will run before the plates melt up. After I establish how long it can run I've set up an auto timer using Redpower.

    Link to set up timer is here:

    Criticism welcomed...