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    Thats not really the issue, the irridium recipe was only an example. The problem is that currently the advanced solar panels require sunnarium components, which used physical uu-matter as part of its recipe. Something new is needed to replace that material in order to maintain balance.

    what i'm saying is the sunnarium can easily be replaced by something using existing materials E.G. irridium plating. irridium is more expensive than UU matter to produce, it would not be difficult to create something to match sunnarium. i understand the need for a new item, but not the need for a new machine/process to produce a new material to make a new recipe. it's all just extra work for the modder and more to learn for the player.

    i am actually supporting the idea of "enriched glowstone" as a replacement for sunnarium, in which a method for infusing UU liquid UU matter into glowstone is created. since it is using two existing materials a new process or machine wouldn't be too much work. it's just the idea of producing so many new things for one simple solar panel.

    Thank you for support my addons :) ASP new version is coming soon. I am working on device which replace "matter" in ASP recipes. Develop sample of this device you can see here. This is "Molecular Transformer". Principle of operation - nuclear transmutation of elements ultra-high magnetic field with microwave radiation. Some result sample: 1 iron ingot + 10 000 000 eu = 1 iridium ingot.

    For those of us waiting for the recipes to update, i feel the introducing of a new device and material is a complete waste of time.
    by all means, make the irridium bars to use in solar panels. but there is still a mass fab and it still produces UU matter and is still able to make irridium. all you need to do it make the irridium content in the solar panels higher so more UU matter needs to be used and more energy needs to be used. it would be much quicker and easier for everyone to use the systems in place by IC2 already rather than introducing new equipment. it's already a pain in the ass to set up a mass fab i don't want to have to set up a mass fab AND a "molecular transformer".

    PLUS by introducing a machine that creates irridium you are breaking the basic mechanics of IC2 experimental. irridium currently has to found, then copied into a blueprint, then formed from liquid UU matter.

    that's just my personal insight into your mod and the idea you are proposing. Keep up the good work. i do love your mod.