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    Guten Tag!
    Finally IC^2 is out am I right?
    Well, my cousin and I have been looking for AGES for an IndustrialCraft server and I think that this one might be the one for us. Too many times have we logged on to a server that says "NO GRIEFING!!!" in the rules and what do we find? A bunch of griefers on a non-whitelisted server with Admins frantically scurrying around trying to undo the damage. Well, i think we finally can settle down. So please, give us a chance? Our IGN's: Warriorcat49 theHAWKsEYE

    We will not grief, or otherwise ignore the rules, i have only griefed once, and that was only because the Admins said that they didnt care, and because the guy had been a total jerk to me. I will not do that anymore though.

    EDIT: Please PM me via my profile if you let me in! Thank You!