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    Zeldo's Additional Pipes has the Advanced Wooden Pipe which will take out only the item that you have in the filter. Chuck an empty bucket in the filter and that will be only item that gets pulled out.

    His mod also has the Advanced Insertion Pipe which will instantly insert the item if there is a space available otherwise it will keep going.

    Also contains the teleport pipes. This would allow you to teleport your buckets in rather than keeping the setup near the reactor = more space.

    I think in the latest one there is also a redstone pipe that sends out a redstone signal when an item passes through it.…onalpipes/page__hl__zeldo

    Give it a look, although the latest release is for BC 2.2.3 while the latest Buildcraft is at 2.2.4. Zeldo updates like a madman though so it won't be long.

    Here are a couple of common solutions that I can think of:

    1. Delete META-INF.
    2. Make sure to put the minecraft.patch file in the mcp\conf\patches directory.
    3. Check the source files under mcp\src\minecraft\net. It's possible that they aren't there. <<<---- My money is on this one being the cause of your problem.

    All that being said, I still haven't got my own eclipse set up working yet. I set the workspace to the mcp\eclipse folder and it loads the package but it hasn't loaded the ic2 folder or the forge folder and I don't know how to get them in eclipse.

    Special help for special people like myself: If you use the eclipse directory supplied by MCPatcher it will set up your workspace and everything you need automatically. This also includes creating a resource filter that will only grab the net directory from your source folders.

    Select your project and go File -> Properties...

    Then select Resource -> Resource Filters and remove the include only net filter.

    Hopefully this helps someone else out there :D

    Why can't I start client?

    Error: could not find or load main class Start

    Tried 3 times to install everything from the very beginning, but it doesn't work


    This youtube video describes how to do a setup in eclipse. This link will start you at the point where the guy explains how to change run configuration to start a java application.