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    For some cool (and usefull) watermills, check out Better then Wolves. Theres even an addon to use it with IC2.
    I do realize however that they are a tech from a past era, IC needs a moddern version. One thing that comes to mind are turbines from hydroeletric powerplants.


    Just cheaper if you don`t count babbysit time. You forgot to mention that it is at least a Mark II capable of running only 1 cycle before cooling, it also might melt the coolants making it a Mark III and possibly blowing up his mine and his machines if left unnatended. But I won`t test that far, as you should have done instead of just trying to beat my design without putting any effort or thought in it.

    I don't know if the op is still looking for a solution, but i'll leave my 2 cents anyway.

    Since we all agree watermills are good for nothing, I sugest a simple Mark II reactor like this one:…XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX +1h/t…XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX +2h/t

    No additional chambers, quite simple, cheap and safe. If all you need is power a few machines, It should be more than enough. 20eu/t for a total of 4M EU per 2 uran/cycle.
    It needs to be water cooled and will heat just a tiny bit, because you will need to hook it with a cable- thus removing 1 block of water, but its negligible. Its so little heat that it will dissipate between cycles. ( Thats the 1ts one - 2nd one will need a bit of downtime if used constantly - 6+ full cycles )

    If you keep in mind that 1 full cycle ( completely use all uran in the reactor ) is about 2h 30m. Theres hardly any babysitting involved.