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    I have just tried to export all my items to a chest and then sucked back into the me system again. The items are in the chest for to short amount of time so they never transform to the other type.

    I cant change the recipes since as soon as i take out an item and try to create a recipe, the item have changed type.
    example: nether quartz dust are gregtech in ME system. i take them out and they become AE dust. therefor i can not make recipe that contain Gregtech type.

    I really like gregtech. But all the items that it replaces from other mods make me go bananas :)

    I like to have my items from one specific mod to make it easy to build recipes for the ME system from the AE mod.

    For example all ingots, ore, dust etc have been setup mainly to be from thermal expansion mod since i use those machines most of the time.

    But when i pulverize/crush nether quartz into nether quartz dust it becomes the gregtech version. I know i can fix this in the unification file and it turns into the AE version. But it does not do this transformation inside the ME system. It stays as gregtech until i pick it out.

    This messes up recipes and lots of things.

    I could turn unification off and fix it. But what ive heard that is a really bad thing to do.
    Is there some other way to make items become the version inside the ME system direct?

    Now i took nether quartz dust as an example, but this happens for many other items. They dont turn into the version needed untill it is handled manually...


    Ctrl+F dustNetherQuartz, set it to =false within the GregTech section and =true within the Applied Energistics section. (AE is near the end of the file)

    But that does not work.
    I have that setup in the config (unification.cfg)
    set dustnetherquartz to true under the applied energistic section and false in the gregtech section.

    When i pulverize nether quartz, they become Gregtech version INSIDE the machine and my ME system. But as soon as i pull them out, they automatically convert to the ME version. This makes automatic crafting impossible since the ME system only contain Gregtech version and as soon as i pull any of it out, it becomes AE version.

    How can this be fixed?


    How can I fix the problems i am having with some items being automatically created to a gregtech item but when removed from the chest it is transformed to an item from another mod

    For example i am doing autocrafing with Applied Energistics.
    Nether quartz goes into a pulverizer and comes out as nether quartz dust (gregtech version)
    my automatic recipies are for the applied energistic version of nether quartz dust.
    How can i make sure that when Nether quartz are being pulverized, become applied energistic nether quartz dust direct?

    Hey everyone

    Is there some way to make machines like the alloy smelter to work on automatic. What i mean is for example that some recipes require Molds of different kinds.
    I can make my pipe system to input items to the machine... and then output the finished product. But if i input a mold and some material the output does not recognize the mold and is left in the machine. How can i input a mold when needed and then export it when it have been used?

    Any suggestions?

    Is there some way to automate the Alloy Smelter with the molds... like 8 steal + mold (gear) to create a steel gear.

    want to insert the mold when asking for a steel gear and then remove the mold when it is finished so that the machine can be used for other recipes.

    I am trying to make a alloy smelter (gregtech)
    To do that i need a wiremill and run 3 cupronickel ingots to get a heating coil

    but how do i get cupronickel ingots??

    I see that i can get the dust from dirty pile of cupronickel in an industrial centrifuge
    but how do i get the dirty pile of it?

    gah now it turns out there are tons of items that transform instantly to other items... like rubber there are two types... and for some reason one type goes from another for me while for another player it goes the other direction....

    im so confused now.
    is there some config file that have things setup properly so it works with ftb monster that i could use... this turns out to be very hard :S

    We have problems with gregtech that convert items to the gregtech type or other types...

    I had this up before but im not sure if i got an answer to what would happend if i turn the unification off in inventory and crafting completely? Is that bad? Why?

    For example before i had issues with Mimichite being transformed to a rotarycraft gem
    Now i have problem with power convertor recipt that require industrialcraft gold plate but when i create them they are being transformed to gregtech gold plate.

    What should i do?

    Are there any newbi friendly documentations over the Greg config files. I find it hard to know exactly what each lines meaning is, what it can mean to change it and when it is recommended to use it.

    This goes for many mods tbh. Some have a bit of explanation in the confg file itself. But many just list options and often i feel unsure what they mean. I can have my suspensions but i am not sure and dont want to change around to much without knowing what im doing.

    Do NOT turn crafting unification off. Instead, look for the rotarycraft section of the file and turn all mimichite ( and any other entries giving you trouble) to false. If that doesn't work, also turn the mimichite entry from the mimichite mod to true.

    What do you mean.
    I did turn crafing and inventory OFF


    that fixed it.

    But if i look for specific items as you said.
    Everything is already at false, example:

    ROTARTYCRAFT: B:gemMimichite_false=false
    MIMICHITE: B:gemMimichite_false=false

    Should i have them on True and have the inventory and crafting unification on true (on)??

    Well i like forums, i like to ask. Ill keep doing that and you probably keep complaining. thanks for your hints, ill ask some more.

    Please tell me how, i dont really understand these rows







    dont really know what to change and what not to change.
    what do each row exaclty mean?

    I need help, having big issues with items being auto-converted to other items.

    I am running a Server with FTB Monster with Gregtech.

    When mining the ore called Mimichite from the mod Mimichite i see that the item Mimichite is being dropped. But when i pick it up it is instantly converted to a Rotarycraft Gem called Mimichite Gem. Why?

    There is a way to convert them back to the orginal Mimichite, by just placing in the crafting grid.
    But when i do this the item again instantly convert back to the Rotarycraft Item (mimichite gem)

    Everywhere i ask, ppl blaim that this is because i have Gregtech installed :(
    But i dont understand why and how... Can i fix this issue somehow?

    Please help!

    Could you please explain more.

    Forestry that introduce 2x2 and bigger trees. Are they making my client crash?
    Why and is there really nothing to do about it than just disable the whole mod?

    And extra wierd since some on the server play with no problems.
    Why am i effected?