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    Could you please explain more.

    Forestry that introduce 2x2 and bigger trees. Are they making my client crash?
    Why and is there really nothing to do about it than just disable the whole mod?

    And extra wierd since some on the server play with no problems.
    Why am i effected?


    Im running a FTB Monster server with the addon of Gregtech. It works fine for my friend to play on the server but my client crash all the time.
    The server is hosted on

    This is the crash-report i get on my client

    I would love to get some help to solve this issue... Atleast learn what mods are conflicting etc.
    I am pretty much atm 100% crashing when using mystcraft books. But sometimes i cant login to the server, just instantly crash.

    What can i do here?
    Since it seems to work just fine for my friend, why aint it working for me?

    I have a set of generators connected to a mfe and then some batboxes and then to my machines

    I dont want the generators to run unless my eu storage is empty.

    How can i set this up so it automatically start to generate power when my mfe is empty and stops generating power when the mfe is full?

    What do you mean. I use mystcraft and a lava world to pump lava to my steel tanks, with 20mil mB in each.
    So i got plenty of lava... but they are still empting out quite fast.

    Was wondering how to expand my power and get more... what direction should i aim for.

    Or can i get lava som "better" way?


    I have currently 160 Geothermal Generators and one Solar Panel (the best one).
    I play on a server with Gregtech so i need more power to advance further....

    I am not really seeing myself expanding my lava consumption. And other liquids for EU seems to much work...

    What options do i have other than building more solar panels?