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    yeah i prefer the gamepad :) plus i don't like binding mice keys.. :/

    i prefer the idea that there is another setting to go to the old way :)

    I'd honestly like to see the old mode added back in as an option. Creative mode flight is a dime a dozen, but the IC2 jet pack was always easier to control when moving quickly. It was also one of the few things that kept me playing IC2, since few other mods offer a good alternative to creative flight. I also despise having to hit another hot key just to land, it feels like i'm taking a step back towards the stone age of fighting the game's controls to accomplish what should naturally happen. Not to mention hot key real estate is valuable--I can't see devoting a button to mode switching when the only thing i'd use it for is the jet pack. I usually only use the mode switch hot key twice for each world that I build--once for the jet pack and once for the electric wrench.

    The smelteries bugged out last night without any automation. They are just not stable in many configurations. Maybe it was 9 3 high smelteries being so close together, but whatever it happens just as soon as I finish building the smelteries(placing the controller as the final block) and the chunk is loaded the next time. Personally, i'm just not going to use smelteries at all. IC2 ore processing is better anyway and the tools from the TC are slower than the thaumcraft wands for most jobs, so i'm not going to miss anything from TC.
    Also it doesn't matter to me either way, but the tablets had nothing to do with the problem outside of clicking the drain. The real problem was the redstone timer circuit hitting 3 drains at once with a redstone signal in the oreberry farm while the chunks were still loading, which was still active after the tablet was removed because I had forgotten it was sealed in the wall. That is why removing the tablet initially did not resolve the problem. The issue was a combination of the lag from the drains and whatever is causing the smelteries to lag when they are built so close together. I've been able to reproduce the same effect on my test server with a similar smeltery setup as I was using on Saga which nearly brought the test server to its knees. Anywho, tablets can be banned but you're likely going to have further issues with smelteries on down the road when you get a player that thinks outside the box. Quite simply, they are a ticking time-bomb.

    It appears that its not the tablets, its the smelteries. After putting the controllers back on them, the problem popped back up the next time the chunk loaded. Went in and broke all the controllers again, problem went away after about a minute.

    The tablet was misleading because it was attached to a smeltery. I'm 100% done with smelteries until the bugs are fixed with them. Iron hasn't worked, the drains randomly stop pouring into basins, nuggets stop melting causing me to have to remove/readd them manually, and now this lag issue. I'm just going to tear all of my smelteries down and leave'em down.

    This does indeed fix the problem, but only temporarily, and I really don't feel like relaunching minecraft every 15 minutes :p thanks for the suggestion, though.

    I know the rendering glitch is a frustrating bug guys and I've been trying to sort it out. I believe that I've identified a possible cause(texture memory leak) and fixed it, but as I've not been able to reproduce the issue on my machine(I've been playing for hours on end with optifine enabled and i've messed with various settings), I can't make any promises! 1.9.17 will include the changes, so hopefully they will give you some relief.

    I've also added a few requested options for server admins to tweak the Electric Engine for balance. Originally, it used a flat conversion rate and hard coded maximum EU for each tier. This has been changed so that admins can now limit the maximum tier(0-5), limit the maximum EU allowed for a given tier, and set individual conversion rates for each tier. All of the new values are configurable via the config file.

    Additionally, the default values for the Electric Engine has changed so that for each transformer upgrade added, the cost increases. The default conversion rates are as follows in EU:MJ: 6:2, 8:2, 10:2, 12:2, 16:2, 18:2. The maximum EU allowed for each tier is as follows: 32, 32, 128, 512, 1024, 2048. Each transformer upgrade added to the machine increases the tier by 1 and an engine without any upgrades is considered tier 0. If tier 0's maximum EU is set below 32, the machine will still report a maximum safe input EU of 32 to keep from exploding with LV setups.

    The issue with the client UI's not synching with stand-alone server instances should be fixed after a change to the packet handling object that I use. This should fix many issues with the Electric Engine and the Industrial Workbench for these servers.

    If you place a copper plate in the input slot, select the laser cutter, it shows that it will make 2 copper wire. If you shift click the copper wire to make all, instead of making the wire it makes copper item casings. If you click the wire to make just one, it also changes to copper item casings.

    My guess is you have it coded for the hammer, and not the laser cutter (copy paste is bad!).

    Actually, the operation isn't hard coded but simply adds both items to an inventory and uses the result of the crafting to determine what item is added to the output slot. It would be the same as actually combining the two together in a crafting table. This sounds more like an issue with the client and server being out of sync, where the client showed a different tool index than the server. I'll take a look at the code tomorrow and see if anything jumps out that would cause it to get out of sync.

    Did you change the way you render things? I ask because on 1.8.0, I had no render problems at all, but from 1.9.12 onwards, rotarycraft and a few other mods (like buildcraft and railcraft) have had all sorts of screwy renders and textures. If you did change your rendering, could you maybe change it back to the way from 1.8.0?

    The electric engine was added in that version which requires custom rendering for the animation. There should not be anything in the rendering code that messes with other blocks in the game. Have you tried to run the game with just ic2stuff installed to see if the glitches happen when other mods are not present?

    Also, can you post a screen shot of what you see when the rendering is glitched? I've tried the mod with and without optifine and i've also ran it with rotarycraft, buildcraft, and railcraft with various types of engines and a few of the rotarycraft engines, gears, and machines but i've not ran across this problem in my testing yet. Keep in mind that i'm not saying there isn't a glitch, but i've just not been able to experience it to determine a route to take to debug it. A screen shot may help point me in the right direction.

    Added null value checks to short-circuit the condition, this bug should be fixed in the next release.

    With the latest updated (1.9.12), the electric engine did not render properly for me when I placed it. This may be caused by Optifine, but other engines and blocks from other mods (mostly Reika's RotayrCraft) started rendering oddly. Also, the electric engine breaks with one hit, and if you break it by hand, it does not drop.

    I pushed 1.9.13 which changes the hardness of the electric engine so that it should not break as easily, that should make it take a while to break by hand now. I will look into the engine rendering bug, but I believe you may be correct that it has something to do with Optifine as I did not experience the issue when I used the rotarycraft engines next to the electric engine without Optifine. I will install Optifine later today and start doing some testing to see if I can figure that one out!

    I've been looking into ways of adding a few extra slots for upgrades to the workbench without cluttering the UI, but i'm not sure what the best route would be to add them in yet. The device its self doesn't actually store any energy as it relies on the tools, but I can see how an internal buffer or higher input EU could be useful for increased charging speeds. This is on my To Do list, but is likely going to be a few major versions away.

    I'm currently working on cleaning up the code and preparing my game plan for 1.7, but i've managed to add in the Luminator Controller(recharge and control up to 36 Luminators wirelessly) and a variable Electric Engine (eu to mj with a truly variable output) to throw some of that extra EU into!

    The Luminator Controller does not alter the EU consumption of the Luminators, though it does eliminate the cable loss aspect at the cost of a slightly higher material investment. They still require .25EU/t to run but this is supplied to all of them via the Controller. All linked Luminators can be toggled via a red stone signal to the Controller, so it can be paired with a Daylight Sensor to automatically turn them on at night and off in the day.

    I'll make some textures you, also your wiki page about the sawmill should give numbers and percents, as I personally find it helpful

    Good idea! I agree, the numbers do make the page more helpful when trying to decide what to do with different materials. I've added a table to it which lists the currently supported material as well as the secondary material and chance to obtain the secondary material. I will also be looking at possibly adding a way to add and remove recipes in future versions via the config file, so players can easily add in recipes for milling items from other mods.

    Also, if there is anything I can do to assist with the textures just let me know! It is currently set up so that each side of the machine is a separate texture file located in assets/ic2stuff/textures/blocks and follows the format devicenameX.png where X is the number of the block's side.

    Sorry about that, it should be fixed in 1.8.0 which is now available. I've removed the test block that was the offender. I've also added a bit more information to the seed storage unit GUI (scan progress indicator) and fixed a few big duplication bugs. Additionally, this version adds in full support for NEI to the workbench and the assembler.

    On a side note, I could really use some better textures for these blocks in case anyone is good with that sort of thing and feeling generous!

    I truly love this mod, but I wish the inventory of the workbench had 18 slots instead of nine, so I could use this over using the Project Bench. The extra 9 slots in the Project Bench is the red line for me.

    This has actually been something that was becoming a priority for me as well due to still needing to swap items out more often that I would like. The latest (1.6.0) release increases the slot count to 18.

    I've also fixed numerous issues surrounding the various tools from other mods (quartz knife from AE, saw from multipart, etc) that was in the previous release. Hopefully both the workbench and the assembler should now be able to detect just about any tool used from other mods and handle them according to how the mod developer chose to implement them.

    I've added a basic autocrafting table called the Electric Assembler. It requires either an external block that pulls items from it(such as buildcraft pipes, hoppers, etc) in order to operate. Essentially, you put the recipe in the 9x9 slots and it will display the output. All the materials are placed in the bottom inventory slots and any material piped into the block are placed there as well. Tools that are in the 9x9 area will not be used, so you will have to supply a tool in a material slot for the machine to operate, but you can use the normal IC2 tool in the 9x9 and the electric version in the material slots. Any tools in the material slots will be recharged over time.

    It is currently set to store 1000 EU and use 100 EU per craft (can be tweaked in the config file) and accepts up to 32 EU per tick. If there is a tool charging in a material slot, it will need atleast 11 EU to charge both the tool and the assembler.

    I will be adding more options to the assembler(possibly as upgrades) in future versions...

    Can you consider adding a config to disable the crafting of the Energy Mallet and Industrial Workbench, for those that use GregTech?

    There are config options under the Toggle section for each item and block to enable and disable them individually. I've attempted to keep each block and item as separate from each other as I could to ensure that the player or admins can pick and chose which to use without any issues. Most of the other properties for the items and blocks can be changed in the config file as well, such as EU usage.

    Wonderful mod, if you ask me! Two questions:
    - Tools can be inserted via BC pipes?
    - I am not understood clearly: Workbench needs power for use crafting grid too, or only for charging tools?

    I am looking into including BC support in the near future, though at first it will focus on the Seed Storage Unit and the Sawmill. I am still considering if I want to add automation elements to the workbench, since it was really built as an early game item.

    The Industrial Workbench only uses power when it charges a tool in one of the 3 tool slots. It does not require any power to use the other features and it will not consume any power if it is not charging.

    And two suggestion:
    - I saw you use Forestry's Worktable-like GUI - what do you think about expanding your GUI to remember 8 recipes - as Worktable does? Maybe with adding a book into some slot?
    - And what about a simpler version of this - put one tool into a slot, and automatically uses it on items I push into that. For example I insert a cutter and if I push tin plates via pipes, I can pull tin cables out. It should be similar like Automatic Crafting Table from... hmm... Buildcraft IIRC. I think it would be useful for e.g. Nuclear Reactor owners, because as I saw new recipes requires plates instead of ingots and I think they will be quickly tired hammering ingots...

    I like the idea of storing recipes and it was a feature that the RP2 project table had as well(using plan items to save the recipe). I will be looking into doing something similar with the Workbench in future versions, perhaps with a memory disc.

    I will likely also include an automatic crafting table of some sort, but i'm not sure how the mechanics will work at the moment. I don't want to make machines such as the Metal Former less attractive, so I want to make sure its balanced with the stock IC2 mod. (And for the Gregtech fans, there will be an option to disable it in the config file when it does get added)

    If you are using IC2 experimental, I've built a Seed Storage Unit for the IC2Stuff mod which basically acts as a storage unit with a built in analyzer. It has an internal EU buffer of 30,000 EU so when fully charged it will scan 3 bags. It is also designed as an early-game machine so that I can throw my seed bags in it and let it do its thing while i'm away mining or building. When I return, the bags have been scanned. The EU usage can be adjusted in the config file if you feel it is underpowered or overpowered.

    This is a link to the Addon
    [Addon][1.6.4][IC2 Experimental] IC2Stuff

    [Addon][1.6.4][IC2 Experimental] IC2Stuff

    This mod adds an Industrial Workbench which combines the concept of a project table with dedicated tool slots for the forge hammer and cutters. It also adds the Energy Mallet, Laser Cutter, and Heat Gun portable electric tools which are rechargeable version of the Forge Hammer, Cutter, and a portable smelting device. The workbench will also recharge tools in its tool slots if power is applied to it. A new Seed Storage Unit is included also, allowing the storage of up to 125 seed bags and it will scan the seed when it has enough power. It also contains a wireless Luminator recharging and controlling device. In order to keep this post clean, I've posted details about how each block or item functions on this here.



    * Electric Engine now supports different maximum EU and conversion rates for each tier
    * Added many configuration options for the Electric Engine
    * Tweaked the engine renderer to attempt to fix rendering glitches
    * Relocked the memory crystal slot of the Industrial Workbench
    * Fixed packet handler glitch which broke some items on stand-alone servers.
    * Fixed an issue with machines that use the FlexibleSlot which could cause crashes.

    * Fixed critical bug which caused the Lava Battery to crash server-only processes when used.
    * Other minor bug fixes.

    * Electric Engine's hardness value corrected to prevent accidental breakage

    * This build contains major changes but should be backwards compatible, however, it is recommended that you remove all items from IC2Stuff blocks before upgrading.

    * Electric Engine added, allows a variable amount of EU to be converted to MJ
    * Luminator Controller added, allows WIRELESS EU transfer and control of up to 36 Luminators
    * Link Descriptor added, hold and right click on a block to link to it.
    * Range Upgrade added, increases the range of a Luminator Controller by 4 blocks per upgrade.
    * Fixed a bug in the industrial workbench that could sometimes cause items to be placed in the memory crystal slot
    * Version numbers will now reflect the build number

    * Full NEI support in workbench and assembler
    * Seed Storage Unit now displays scan progress
    * Removed Sliding Door experimental block to prevent id conflict
    * Fixed multiple bugs with crystal memory
    * Fixed duplication bug with the workbench

    * Added Crystal Memory support for the Industrial Workbench

    * Expanded Industrial Workbench inventory slots to 18
    * Fix many duplication and potential item loss bugs
    * Industrial Workbench and Electric Assembler should now
    correctly handle most all tools used in crafting.
    * Added entity update throttling to blocks to reduce the
    processing time consumed by each.

    * Added Electric Assembler
    * Tools now show energy levels on icons
    * Blocks now have basic buildcraft/hopper support
    * Machines events reworked to reduce lag

    * Added Sawmill
    * Rewrote the back-end code for the Seed Storage Unit
    * Seed Storage Unit and Sawmill now support Hoppers
    * Seed Storage Unit will only allow Hoppers to pull seed
    bags out that have been fully scanned.

    * Added Lava Battery
    * Fixed a bug that could cause the Industrial Workbench to crash when
    the output slot was clicked.

    * Added Seed Storage Unit
    * Industrial Workbench now only consumes EU when charging items
    * Added more configuration file options
    * Fixed issue with certain icons not loading properly
    * Fixed a duplication bug when stacks combine on double-click

    * Added Laser Cutter
    * Added Heat Gun
    * Added Energy Mallet
    * Added many configuration settings
    * Industrial Workbench now properly checks for sub item types
    * Industrial Workbench now accepts power and charges tools in tool slots
    * No API are included in the mod archive starting with this version

    * Industrial Workbench added


    1.9.17 - MC 1.6.4


    Please submit any bugs or issues that you discover here so that I can track them.

    This mod uses the IC2 API and NEI API. Keeping that in mind, feel free to include this mod in any mod packs that you would otherwise be allowed to include both of them mods with.

    Give me feedback below! If you think something could be added or improved on, please let me know!