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    I was thinking about the way rare metals such as Iridium, Silver or Osmium/Platinum/etc... are extracted from the earth. In order to get even a tiny bit they have to process tons and tons of rock. I was thinking that stone dust could be Thermal-Centrifuged to get one "tiny pile of rare metal dust" or something along those lines, which would be combined with eight other tiny piles to form "rare metal dust". This would be Centrifuged once again to get tiny piles of gold/silver/iridium (any three metals really) (Iridium could be a random chance, say 10%) which are 1/9th of a whole metal dust. With this mechanic you could be 1 Iridium ore for 729 stone dust (if chance were added it could be over 1000 dust, or 500 ores), which I would enjoy.
    For me Iridium is actually really common, because Mystcraft adds dungeons out the wazoo. It's not unheard of for me to have over 16 Iridium before even getting an ME Network going.
    Anyway, thoughts?

    Hey all, I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on how generators (particularly the reactor in this case) distribute their power between various machines. I'd imagine that it's sort of a round-robin system, since machines can afford a few moments without power because of their buffers, but how does that apply to power sinks that won't ever stop consuming more power than is being fed to it, such as an MFR Mining laser or uncharged EU-storage block?

    IF you set MFR's mining drill to 1/3 of the original work needed to mine an ore, and give it 6x Blue Laser Foci, and you use Mob-Essence to Fortune III the ores, you can produce enough lapis to run 2.5 20xQuad-Cell LZH-Condensator reactors, two of which are used to actually extract the Lapis. Rather expensive, but in the end you get the surplus ores (fairly slowly really) and about another 1200Eu/t. To me, not worth it unless you can find an even better source of lapis, so TADA! This thread! In reply to the previous comment, I don't think the drill does actually consume ores from the world, since when I play on superflat test world my custom ore generation doesn't kick in and the only ores that spawn are amber and cinnabar from thaumcraft.

    The idea is to give reactors an extra slot off of the main reactor which would be used to hold a crystal memory disk, which would be encoded with the schematic of the reactor. The memory would be encoded at a machine which would have a very similar interface to the IC2 Reactor Planner. Players would lay out the design of the reactor and then encode it onto the disk, and then put this disk into the reactor. The reactor would then put ghost-items (like the template shown by NEI in crafting) in all the correct places on the reactor.
    The very best part, and the reason I suggest this, is that when a pipe or machine tries to place an item in the reactor, such as an LZH condensator, neutron reflector or uranium cell, the part will automatically be placed in a slot according to the schematic. This would make hands-free reactors possible for multiple cycles.
    I would suggest that if a pipe were to try to place an item in which is not part of the schematic, the item would pop out, unless there are blank slots in the schematic.
    The crystal memory is a bit expensive (though by the time you can make nuclear fuel you will have all the machines and materials) and the encoding machine could be as well. What does everyone think? Would this be overpowered, and could any overpower be watered down with expense?

    An upgrade for machines which would reduce the volume of the machine's sounds by 50% (maybe more, maybe less). It could be crafted from wool and maybe some plates. I find that with a bunch of machines running in the workshop the racket is very loud. Thoughts?

    Could the pump be configured so that Buildcraft (and by extension Railcraft) could pull the liquids out? Currently the only way is to use buckets. I realize that Buildcraft provides a pump, but the IC2e pump is much sleeker and already configured to run on IC2 Power, which means that Buildcraft is not needed at all. (I use Railcraft exclusively, which means I have to tank-cart all the liquids around. The liquid unloader should be able to pull water from the pump but it can't.)

    I like the idea of a generator that heats up and becomes more efficient, very similar to the way BuildCraft and Railcraft have brought in steam engines. I think the idea of the cold-end temp is a bit of a waste, since the -30 to +30 Celsius that you might encounter in the environment isn't really significant when compared to the ~500 Celsius temperature of the engine when it is heated by flames, so that point might be scrapped for code efficiency. For another point in efficiency we might assume that the flywheel speed and the temperature are directly related, so only one needs to be maintained and updated for calculating power output.
    Is there another style of engine that could have a similar function but not be called a steam/stirling engine? Since a lot of players use Buildcraft/Railcraft the idea of another steam/stirling engine is probably a bit unattractive.