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    Guys I tried searching the thread, but found nothing.

    What number is the left slot in Electrolyzer? I managed to figure out that slot 5 is the right slot, but nothing up to 30 works for left slot. Wtf Greg, couldn't you make this more intuitive? Like slots 1 and 2?

    Please help, I'm trying to use Regulator on Electrolyzer and failing miserably.


    I'm currently playing on a Infitech 2 server (a modpack build around GT), we're using Cauldron.

    For some time we've been bothered by this issue: IC2 crop sticks disappear after planting 99,9% of the time. There is no planting sound, they just dissapear immediately and go back to your inventory, as if server didn't allow them to be used. However very rarely it lets us plant a stick, usually after a lot of spamming.

    We managed to narrow it down to Cauldron issue (after disabling first all the plugins, then Cauldron itself - after disabling Cauldron issue was gone). What's interesting though is that Cauldron has been "dead" for several months, i.e. no version have been released. And I could plant crop sticks just fine maybe a month ago, with the SAME version of Cauldron, just different GT version.

    I'm asking here because there's many knowledgeable people lurking around here. Could you at least direct me to a possible cause of this problem?



    You make us have a lot of quartzite as about 80% of quartz vein consists of quartzite ore, but it's virtually useless, unless I need a lot of LV Sensors and Emitters..

    Did you consider making it more useful or adding a way to turn it into certus quartz? I know that by pulverizing quartzite ore you get 10% chance for certus, but the quartzite itself is just junk to be recycled at the moment..

    No, that question was supposed to go towards Greg. I mean, from what you played through you will agree that there is no real alternative to tungstensteel boiler + any sort of "free fuel" production + any sort of turbine...

    Even in vanilla ic2 you always had the choice between nuclear, geothermal and charcoal, and it was all worth it. Now, with the rebalances and new power transfer, well, I do not see alternatives..

    I agree that when it comes to power generation, GT has become very poor. There is hardly any viable alternatives to charcoal. Where's Magic Converter/Generator? Thermal Generator/Boiler? Are they going to be implemented yet?

    Also after the change to circuits recipes, there is now no real use for electrum, except for Adv Circuits (where electrum foil can be replaced by gold anyway). This means that silver becomes useless. I like the fact that making circuits requires many machines now instead of just assemblers, but i think the ingredients are stupid. Steel in circuits, really? Where's plastic gone, I liked the idea of it, now it has no use.

    Also I'm playing on a small server with maybe 10 people. And still you need to run thousands of blocks from the spawn to be able to find tin. This is really putting new people off, everyone is saying the same thing - "where the fuck is tin"? A person that cannot even progress to bronze age because you made tin ridiculously rare (maybe it doesn't appear rare in the config, but effectively it is due to the elevation it spawns at) will most likely stop playing. Is that what you want Greg?


    I've noticed lately that my Thermal Generators act weirdly. Whenever power is drawn from them, they flicker, which makes my FPS go to hell. When a storage unit is full (no power drawn from generators), flickering stops.

    However, this only happens on the server. When I try it in SP, it works fine, no flickering. Also, the admin made a test server with same configs as main server - again, no flickering.

    This is a link to the server's modpack:

    We're using Gregtech version 4.08n.
    I know it's not much information, but I don't really know what more I could add. I hope someone has an idea about what's causing this flickering.

    A quick question: Has anybody tried the Dragon Egg Energy SIphon with Thaumcraft 4? I know it's supposed to generate lots of Flux with Thaumcraft 3 installed, but does it do the same with the new version?
    I placed lots of siphon in my single player world, but so far no taint to be seen.

    Also, please look 2 posts above for my question about the Industrial Blast Furnace. Thanks!


    Excuse me if this question had been answered before, I tried to look it up but couldn't find anything.

    I've been trying to automate the Industrial Blast Furnace with AE (to cook steel), but I run into a problem: I couldn't make the coal dust to go into the bottom slot, no matter what. No matter where I put the export bus, inventory manager etc, it always puts the item in the top slot of the machine. Then I tried some fancy Gregtech automation, like Inventory Manager, Advanced Translocator. I tried EVERY possible combination, it ALWAYS puts it in the TOP slot. Buildcraft pipes connected to the bottom - same result.

    What am I missing? Or is this machine just that buggy? I really wanted to automate my steel production, and now I can't, really, because I don't want to check the furnace every now and again to see whether some sneaky coal dust didn't go to the top slot. And what if coal dust gest pulled first? Then iron bars go into the bottom slot..