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    I really like this addon but have a suggestion:
    Add something like an adjustable transformer, crafted by combining all 3 transformers with some advanced circuits and machine blocks maybe. It takes in up to EV and you can limit the output to everything you want. Can be useful for a mass fab that runs constantly if you have 10 MFSUs hooked up to your Energy Net but only want it to take up 1000 eu per tick.

    I installed it correctly, but is the mod compatible with forge 1.24?

    True, but that's why you make sure you don't give out passwords to anyone.
    The member system (as far as I can think of) will be very complicated to code, not to mention how it will be complicated to use, and might be buggy.

    Well, just look into it and ask some other devs. I am happy either way.

    Yeah, but I'm not sure if passing text in GUI's is do-able or relatively simple to do.
    I'm just throwing an idea that I think would be programmatically simple to achieve, which would end up with relatively the same result.

    Basically, if you had a password chest, you'd enter the password everytime, and you would be able to change the password.
    This is like giving other people privileges into chests.
    Sure I can make this into a login-and-enter-password-every-time chest, but i can also just make the user never enter the password again (which idea is better?)
    Also, for adding members to a certain chest, I think it would just be easier that you give the password, since it can get quite complicated(programmatically) on how to put the interface of text entering, sending to server, etc...

    But if others find out the password they could open the chest and that's the advantage of the member system