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    Sorry, the website i was using said I maxed out the Free storage-space. (me wants to :Dynamite: their restrictions)
    Sorry about the copper, fail on my part. :pinch:

    EDIT: Wow, the forum failed on it's own emotes. Whoever is the web admin, please fix.

    This is NOT a mod, it is a CustomRecipes File
    I figure that even though this is a CustomRecipes Recipie File, Pending Addons is the best board for it. If I am wrong, feel free to move this thread if you are a moderator.
    1. Crafting Recipies


    Construction Foam

    Lava Bucket

    Sticky Resin

    :Resin: = Plantball in Grid, Resin in Output

    Uranium Ingot


    Water Bucket

    Buildcraft version only:

    Fuel Bucket

    Oil Bucket

    2. Smelting Recipies

    Black Wall

    3. Installation

    Non-buildcraft version
    1. Install IC2 (of course)
    2. Install Custom Recipes
    3. Put this file in mods/customrecipes

    Buildcraft version
    1. Install IC2 (of course)
    2. Install Buildcraft 2 or 3
    3. Install Custom Recipes
    4. Put this file in mods/customrecipes

    I have a tin cable 40 units long with solar panels on all 3 sides. The eu reader is only measuring 1/3 of what it should be showing which is 120 eu/t.

    Right there he said he's ALREADY using tin wire.

    The problem could be the connection between the rows and the storage.
    Or, it could be that you need to shorten the rows to 39.
    But, it's probobly the fact that you don't have a MFE in it's correct place on one of the rows.