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    whoops, I had a bit of things to do the other day, forgott to test it out
    I'll try it out right now

    edit: just tried it
    translations seem a bit funky (but I study Mexican Spanish), but they work
    maybe an idea would be to make a Spain-Spanish and a Mexican-Spanish version to take into account the differences (I'd suggest more for the south american countries, but there's just so many :pinch: )

    already posted it on your own forum, but I don't know if you'll get the chance to see it
    are there basements in the spawn city, and if there are, how deep are they?

    If there are none, or only shallow ones, could I and a few of the other guys on the server hollow out a HUGE cavern and make a tutorial "minimap" for all the aspects of IC, BC and RP (BC and RP when they are updated)?

    It would be like portal 2, just not being full of death traps

    this would probably become part of McForge itself, but several months ago (beta 1.2), someone did make a mod api that allowed furnaces to distinguish between different meta-data value inputs; at the time, however, no one was really interested in this because there were only a handful of mods that even added new blocks, and incompatibilities were almost always caused by overlapping .class files

    he said in his thread that, for example, one could make only cyan wool a fuel

    I'm not an expert, and I can't even find the thread anymore for reference, but I'd imagine that it could also be possible to make the furnace distinguish between meta-data values for smeltables

    if something along these lines could be re-created, this could lure many more moders into using McForge

    in addition to the class file conflicts, both mods currently take up so many item ids that they would not be compatible with each other
    if you ABSOLUTELY MUST use both mods though, I believe there is a thread on the minecraft forum that will merge class files that two different mods edit so that both mods can be used. You will need to make Shocka's API, IndustrialCraft, Aether, and minecraft extended all compatible with eachother, and then edit the block id's so that they do not conflict.
    Granted, if you do this, you will not be able to play multiplayer

    actually, the funnels at the top of nuclear power plants simply vent steam, not smoke
    a nuclear reactor doesn't convert radioactivity into electricity, it simply uses the heat from the reaction to turn water into steam, which in turn turns a dynamo which creates an electric current. If there is any excess steam, it is released through the "smoke stacks"

    I like the idea of antimatter, but if it was found underground, it would cancel out the stone and bedrock, itself being consumed in the process
    if it were to be found underground, perhaps it should be suspended mid-air in a rough sphere of bedrock with only one entrance
    then for the reactors, the antimatter would slowly be consumed (reacting with air) and output energy at a high rate (perhaps the speed of 10 nuclear reactors); placing a second block or item in the reactor would cause all the antimatter to be consumed, but to output all the energy that it would in the course of its life all at once (can overload most small electrical systems)

    IC weapons

    before I begin, I am NOT suggesting any overpowered "imma firin mah lazar" type of weapons; I am suggesting balanced, futuristic weapons

    I origionally had some ideas about low-tech, long lasting swords made from refined iron and advanced alloys, but it seems alblaka already has some ideas about swords in mind

    my next idea was a flame-thrower; this is a bit op-ed and I actually don't advise adding it; since there will be naturally generated oil, and there already is fuel in the game, why not have a fun way of burning some of it?

    my third idea was a tazer; this would require an entire battery for a single use, and would have to be recharged after every use; in addition, this would not actually cause much damage to the entity it hits; instead it inflicts only 2 hearts of damage and temporarily paralyzes the mob/player that is hit (except the creeper of course, they get power armor)

    my fourth idea is a rail-gun; railguns work by launching a projectile with magnetism, aka electricity (electromagnetism, look it up if you have not). This would again require one battery of power per shot, but can hold enough charge for 5 shots; the main cost of this weapon would be the projectiles. A rail is fired too fast to be retrieved, even if it does not hit a mob. Each rail is crafted from refined iron coated with compressed coal fibers (refined iron to provide the puncturing strength, and the carbon because it does not accept extra electrons easily, therefore making it a good material to be fired with magnetism. If a rail hits a weak block (glass, ice, wool), it breaks the block and continues its path until it hits a solid block. Rails would not curve (they fire in a straight line), and inflict 9 hearts of damage on contact with a mob (enough to seriously take the fight out of it, but not enough to kill it)

    My last idea is a free electron lazer gun. This is in fact a real technology developed by the United States navy, but because of recent funding cuts, is not likely to be used widespread any time soon. Anyway though, the free electron lazer gun is not a star-wars kind of gun, instead, it fires a super-heated lazer that cannot cut through metal, but can heat up a motor so hot that it cuts out and dies. If applied on a living organism, it would most likely (it has never been tested on humans or animals), cause flesh to bake and die. These guns are very large irl, and would most likely not be handheld. Instead, these could be like a psudoblock (similar to how beds and doors are only half block, half entity). The block halves of the guns would have to be wired into an HV current constantly, and would need a cool-down time of 5 seconds after firing the gun for 3 seconds. The coding for the ray itself can be based off of the code for lightning, as (in game), it would essentially be aimed lightning

    I do have one more idea, but it is more of a joke than anything. It would have to be an item that cannot be crafted in any way, and the only way to get one would be through hacking the game (instead of the admin wrentch, it would be like the moderator tool). This tool would not need to be powered, and essentially would just be a sword that instantly kills anything hit with it. This tool would be a lightsaber, and would most likely be a tool given to moderators on a server to handle small-scale issues, while the admin and ops would use the admin wrentch to handle large scale griefing and to kill mobs/players

    too tired to think right now, I'll edit the post with recipes tomorrow

    - Name/Nick: Alex
    - MC-Forum Nick / IC-Forum Nick / Minecraft Acountname: Slimey Creeper/Pikastorm/Pikastorm (in that order)
    - Timezone you're living in, given in GMT +-4:00
    - The position you want to take, aka: what do you want to do? spriter/block artist
    - Previous experience on the position mentioned above? A good spot to throw links at previous projects/activitys of yours. My computer decided to erase almost every file on my computer several weeks ago, but I made a painterly textures for everything in IC (including items, armor and blocks)