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    17 months later I wrote "minecraft 1.7.10 ic2 nuke" in google looking for documentation and found this thread as first result :D
    well at least I found out how to create a huge explosion and that I have to edit the config

    tnx sirius for the answer and tnx jaxx0rr for asking the question, oh wait thats me :D

    /effect @a clear
    removes the 60 minutes radiation you got while wearing a hazmat suit ...

    I bet when they finish it and realise how many people stopped playing they wish they gave more of a fuck..

    Why is there absolutely no documentation (or youtube videos) on this thing ?

    I figured out by trial and error how it works.. you right click it and get this

    and it only accepts Uranium Blocks in the center and Industrial TNT on the sides...

    Anyone know anything about this?

    My mods folder contains:

    I have looked on all wikis and in forums and on youtube for 3 days now.. found nothing...
    Is it because the IC2 mod is experimental ?

    Any info or links would be greatly apreciated

    thank you

    Well I was trying to help people who need it.
    Anyway how the hell do you get your modpacks if not with tekkit or feed the beast?
    And dont tell me all of you just make them yourselves :)
    In any case, still you are the exception, there are probably about 30 million minecraft players out there and maybe 1% knows how to compile mods.
    For every purchased account theres prolly 2 people playing it cracked..
    Anyway I made my first modpack, didnt even get any permissions but there are about 20 clones of the mooncraft modpack only on technic so they are prolly tired of answering requests..…ails/moonquest-ic2.211289

    i have the same problem. is there any way to fix it?

    I managed to get it to work but I dont know if I had the same problem as you

    I started by downloading one of the many MoonQuest packs (…/moonquest-modpack.190125) and wanted to add IC2 to it
    I tried for about 10+ hours to get it to work and almost gave up.. then I realised it wasnt galacticrafts fault the server would crash
    It was the freggin Custom Recipes Mod..
    So I removed that and it worked..

    my ic2 version is industrialcraft-2_2.0.303-experimental.jar from here and the galacticraft version I use is the lastest for 1.6.2 : Galacticraft-1.6.2-

    my full mods list