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    you are using the version for buildcraft 2.x.x version you need to use the one for the 3.x.x version

    Oh...sorry I forgot that I updated it like 2 hours after i posted the error log :D.
    Also I found out that this not in fact a problem with achievements. It happens only when I try to make a reinforced iron ingot using VANILLA furnace ( all others work ( EQ-Exchange furnaces and bluletric furnace from RP2))

    with it i can't even open my world for some reason :S
    EDIT: used a different one and this is what I got:

    I get this error on launch.It is something about the recipes but i don't know exactly

    Oh, Thank you :)

    i got really confused xD

    oh btw: I love the blue radiation <3

    edit: forgot to ask: will it work wit the advanced machines addon ? (Rotary macerator , singularity compressor , centrefuge extracor).asking because i only use those atm.

    edit2: gah, my brain is like a mess.will you be doing the items too? (ingot textures , tools etc.?)

    How do I install this? the link to block_0.png has 63 custom textures but the link to IC2_retexture has less.Witch one do i use? :huh:

    when I use the alpha 2 all the textures are pink , but when i use the texture pack link i dont get all the textures O_o.It's too much of a hassle to change the textures using the source code in the mod that is provided in the op.there should be like a .properties file or something -_-