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    The next stage of ore processing feature that we have all been waiting for! Turning ores into liquid metal so that can get even more out of our mined ores? Or by chance is it a multiblock diesel generator or some other multiblock machine?

    EDIT: Or can it be that we are finally going to get some block so we can make molten salt for our thermal boilers.

    wtb multiblock diesel generator.

    Is forge not generating an IDconflict.txt?

    Silk touched redstone ore keeps mutating from ID 73 to 74, despite having set

    B:oreRedstone_false=false to B:oreRedstone_false=true

    in specialunificationtargets under gregtech_addon.

    Ninjaedit: Redstone Ore ID 73 = non-glowing ore, Redstone Ore ID 74 = glowing (like when you punch it, and it lights up.)

    My bet would be differences between the old automation (translocator, buffer) and the new automation (covers and pipes).

    Try the following setup :

    Chest ->Import cover -> pipe -> Chest

    Bah. I was hopeful, but it's just as slow. Even having multiple import covers feeding into one pipe section, the rate is still limited to 1 stack/second.

    It isn't the end of the world, but it would be nice if it could change :)

    I believe your 1 stack/sec issue may be caused by the Translocators only moving 1 stack/sec. (I thought they were faster though...?) Given your second setup to test, the pipes seem to be behaving as expected (Large Electrum much faster than Small Brass); the issue is the rate at which you are shoving things into them.

    SpwnX is correct, the translocators I'm using are capable of 20 stacks/second, as demonstrated in a previous post where I had a chest<translocator<chest setup that emptied the chest in a couple seconds.

    So what we have is the following behavior, which I'd argue is inconsistent.

    Inserting INTO a pipe from a SINGLE source (large buffer, translocator, hoppers, whatever) is limited to 1 stack per second.

    Exporting FROM a pipe to a SINGLE receiver (large buffer, chest, whatever) is limited to whatever the limit of the pipe is (2 stacks/second up to 8 stacks/second).

    @above : Pipes have a throughput limit of stacks per second.

    I'm aware of that, the tooltip states: 8 stacks/second. However, in practice, it seems much more like 1 stack per second. I'm gonna do a little more testing, but I don't think there is a difference between pipes at the moment, unless I'm just using them wrong. It just occurred to me that maybe you can only input 1 stack per second per pipe section?

    Edit: These two setups move items at the same rate.

    Further testing indicates that it is, in fact, 1 stack per second per pipe. bottom (large electrum pipes @ 8stacks/sec) filled the chest at the end much faster than the top (brass pipe version @ 2stacks/sec).

    Is there a good reason for this behavior and if not could it be changed?

    Are item pipes working correctly at the moment?

    Here is my test setup:

    Two Electric Translocators moving items from the chests on the right to the chests on the left.

    The closer setup that is Chest<ET<Chest moves a player inventory full of cobble in a couple seconds total.

    The farther setup that is Chest<Pipe<ET<Chest moves a player inventory full of cobble at a rate of about 1 stack of 64 cobble per second.

    I'm I doing it wrong?

    Hi, I'm getting a weird issue with End dimension generation on my server. The asteroids(?) all generate like this:

    I've tested with JUST the latest IC2-Exp, the latest GT (4.05g), and Forge 916 as well as forge 953, and I'm getting the same issue.

    The issue happens along chunk borders, and logging out and back in (either singleplayer or multiplayer) will cause the rest of the asteroids to show up, but any asteroids you generate after that will have the same problem as the picture above until you relog again.


    Edit: Before relog: After relog:

    Quick questions concerning IC2EXP and GT:

    Is it intentional that platinum can no longer be centrifuged into iridium?

    Also, is the matter fabricator disabled, or is my config just messed up? I have B:massfabricator_true=true in harderrecipes, which should disable the mass fab and replace it with the matter fab, no?

    I also can't seem to do anything with UUM cells, but that is probably a IC2EXP thing (althought GT did have that auto UUM assembler machine at one point, but I either have the name wrong or it isn't in the game anymore either).