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    I removed the Battery Upgrade System of GT. That Concept was a bit too stupid. It is no longer possible to spam a ton of Battery Upgrades on a Machine in 1.7. However, most Machines will receive ONE Battery Slot, where you can place approciate (aka. with the correct Tier) Batteries into your Machines, which then work like inside the Battery Chargers. In addition there will be a lower Upgrade Limit.

    Does this mean that, unlike an upgrade, it will be possible to swap out the battery for a more powerful battery if you later upgrade the machine with transformer upgrades? If so, will it be possible to run a machine by placing a charged battery inside (like regular IC2 machines)?

    yeah... I always scratch the configuration of a circuit in with a screw driver...

    I have been trying everything I could think of with the soldering iron and solder...

    ... which seems the way it should be...

    I presume the circuitboard uses dip switches for configuration and Steve has big fingers.

    What are you doing with the solder, swapping out resistors every time you want to reconfigure the machine?

    Of course, it would be nice if the machine just had a dial or something, but what can you do?

    You could say the same thing about the Thermal Generator if you have a Mystcraft age full of lava. There are many different mods that let you create lava.
    I am just saying for a machine what needs a beacon (Nether Star) in the recipe, it should output more than 24 EU/t.

    You seem to be saying GregTech should be balanced for the situation in which you have added other mods which have a different view to balance than GregTech.

    Thaumium is actually a bit different. It is not only Magic, it also has a Metal Wildcard in it, because it is NOT ONLY Iron, but can also be made with some other Metals.

    Interesting. In TC4, thaumium directly requires iron as a catalyst. (Any source of magic, but iron ingots specifically tossed into the crucible) I guess that was different in the past?

    Quoted from "mr10movie"
    The first two both contain 'magic', but aren't strictly 'elements'.

    Magic is considered its own Element.

    Given that, in Thaumcraft 4 terms, Thaumium is iron with praecantatio added through alchemy, shouldn't thaumium be an alloy of iron (Fe) and magic (Ma), rather than pure magic [(Ma)2 as seen in mr10movie's video]?

    As a thaumium ingot contains 4 metallum and 4 praecantatio, where an iron ingot contains 4 metallum, I would suggest a thaumium ingot is FeMa.