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    This looks like a great idea! I've been playing IC for a long time, always in English, as I do for most games, but this has to be good for those who can't speak English too well.

    By the way, are there any plans to translate the wiki to other languages? If there are, I can help, especially now that we have some Portuguese names for the items. I always wanted to translate the wiki to Portuguese...

    About the wiring, you can look here (technical explanation) or here (wiki). About the reactors, Mark I is safest, yes. You can use a batbox if the reactor output is up to 32 EU/t, MFE up to 128 EU/t and MFSU up to 512 EU/t. If you want to know how to use transfromers, read here (and the other 2). Remember to apply redstone to the tranformer if you want to transform to a higher current.

    Well, you should look at the recently updated Nuclear Reactor wiki page, it has all the information well-organized and as simple as possible.

    Mark I's are the safest. Mark V's are "just to prove that reactors can blow up".

    Breeders are something completely different, they can help you get more uranium cells from each uranium ore.

    There are many reactor designs on these forums. You should look for Mark I's until you can understand how reactors work.

    About the reactor, i'm not going to make the calculations right now but i can tell you right now that both HV and glass wires support HV(up to 512 EU/t), but HV wires can also support EV(up to 2048 EU/t). You need no conversion from one type of wire to another. You only need conversion between different voltages, which isn't the case here until you want to use that with your machines.

    Anyway, i don't think it's a safe reactor unless you have a cooldown timer.

    I was on a longer than expected vacation now, but i will be back tomorrow. By now the streets should be bigger and most houses much better than mine, aren't they? I think I must enlarge my house/mine. And place pipes at the feathers farm. And do many other things.

    Anyway, it will be good to be back tomorrow (I hope).

    Edit: I'm back!

    Edit2: I am having a problem with my personal chest. I can't open it but it's probably because of the server restart, when my personal chest got owned by the first person who opened it. Could someone help me about it?

    Not even sure if its possible, but I'd love to see a terraformer blueprint that turns a section of the landscape into The Nether. Maybe have the power requirements be up there (highest power requirement of all TFBPs).

    Thanks -- LOVE this mod!

    I think it won't be possible, as the nether is a completely different dimension, with different lighting and bedrock at the roof. Bedrock at the roof could be possible, but due to the different lighting part i think it would be impossible.