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    As for the canning machines, it seems like the newer split canner/bottler really can't handle construction foam (in the build I am using). Neither of the two will even accept CF powder in any of its slots. So here's hoping that the "old" combination canner doesn't get phased out, because it has more capabilities and is more convenient to use.

    I am using build #306 lately, so that may be the case. But just to be sure, be certain that you've tried setting the new Canning Machine to "Fluid Enrich Mode" (look at the interesting panel displayed on the lower portion of the Canning Machine's interface. It can be clicked on to change its canning mode!).

    If you are able to change it to that mode, try placing the CF powder in the middle slot (which should appear on "Fluid Enrich Mode"), and fed water into the machine (can feed w/BC pipes), which should fill the first liquid container (left side). It should produce the CF liquid in it's secondary (right side) liquid container, or if you have a CF backpack in the upper left slot, it should fill the pack with the CF liquid instead.

    Okay, two questions...

    First, has anyone tried how the ore washing plant performs with an auto-ejector upgrade that points towards a thermal centrifuge? Since the washer outputs up to 3 items, but only one of them can actually processed in the centrifuge, this is kind of an issue. Is there a way to set the machine up so that it first attempts to eject to the centrifuge (which hopefully only accepts items it can process), and then as a backup tries to eject to somewhere else?

    I haven't tried the auto-ejector with the ore washing plant itself, but I've had trouble getting it to work at all in any other machine so far. I tried to get it to work in my recyclers, but they don't auto-eject into the BC pipes I'm using. Have you had success with the auto-ejector using BC pipes, or with a different setup?


    Second, I'm currently playing with build #298 with no plans to update in the near future (will probably update when the e-net rework is finished). In that version, you have both the old canning machine, and the new canning machine / bottling plant pair. Is the new pair already fully functional? NEI shows the old canning machine only for a lot of recipes. And considering that the bottler has only one liquid tank - can it be used to make things like CF liquid? After all, if you pump water into the tank, there's no room for the resulting product to go. So all in all, should I be using the new pair, or the old canner for now?

    I've been able to see many of both new and old canning machine recipies in NEI just fine, and I've used the new canning machine so far for typical canning, and also for filling a Construction Foam backpack with liquid CF (although the recipe didn't necessarily show where you'd put the CF backpack... I had to guess). Both applications work fine for me, but I haven't tested all the other recipies yet.

    EDIT: I haven't tried using the bottler plant yet, as I don't quite understand yet what I can use it for. I don't recall seeing any recipies with NEI for it yet, but they could be there still.
    EDIT EDIT: I just tried out the bottling plant, and it seems to simply be used for filling or emptying liquid from items. For example, you could pump liquid CF into it from a canning machine by BC pipe or by putting a cell with liquid CF into the upper left slot, and it will fill the bottling plant's tank. The bottom left slot is where you would put the item needing to be filled, like the CF backpack, and it will fill the pack with the liquid. This is probably a more proper way to fill a CF backpack than what I was doing; Before, I was setting the Canning Machine to "Fluid Enrich Mode", placing the CF Backpack in the top left slot, and the CF powder stuff in the middle slot, and feeding the machine with water. It would fill the backpack with CF liquid instead of filling the second canning machine tank in that setup.

    My version of the base NEI is
    I also have NEI plugins, which specifically mentions that it adds some of the reciepies for IC2 exp. Do you have that installed as well?

    Yeah, it's there. I believe the reason it's not on the first page of this thread is because these recent versions are not completely tested, and thus "experimental", and prone to bugs. After the last update to it (Ver 1.0.3), however, I haven't had any problems with any of these machines whatsoever.

    A little tip before using: If you are currently using an older non-experimental version of this same mod, be sure to back up your save first. I had funny things happen with my existing rotary macerator where it's transformer and overclocker upgrades got moved to incorrect slots in the machine, which could potentially be a problem as you might imagine.

    I think I was able to figure out what my particular problem was, but I'm not certain it's the same issue as Mad3ineer judging by the subtle differences in our crash logs.

    What I think happened at first is that is I was feeding coal into a macerator by BC pipes, but I accidentally allowed a redstone dust pass into the macerator as well thru the same piping. My guess is that it got inserted in the Additive Macerator slot, and crashed the game (Crash log named crash-2013-11-20_15.46.53-server.txt).

    At first I didn't realize this could be the case. Later that same day, I was fooling around on creative mode trying to duplicate the error without luck, when I suddenly decided to stick a "milk bucket" (from MFR) into the Additive Macerator slot at random, and then the game crashed (Crash log named crash-2013-11-20_16.26.29-server.txt). I didn't realize this crash was related, but just today I looked at both error logs together, and they look just about the same as far as where the crash happened at.

    Not everything put in the Additive Macerator slot causes the crash though. So far I've accidentally placed coal in the additive slot, and all it does is stop the macerator from processing anything.

    If you don't mind me posting the crash logs as attachments, here they are. They were too big to post otherwise.

    I registered here because I am getting a wierd crash when using your mod. It is related to Rotary Macerators. Here it is in spoiler:

    I am using IC2 2.0.293_Experimental version, 1.6.2 experimental version of your mod, and minecraft 1.6.2. Can you tell me if you will fix this mod, otherwise I am going to have to omit this mod ;(

    I actually got a crash just yesterday too concerning the Rotary Macerator. I decided not to post it yet until I could find out more details on what the conditions were that caused the crash and re-duplicate it. Right now it has me boggled, because it worked fine when used by hand, but in an attempt to use it as part of an assembly line of machinery and pipes, it decided to crash the game, while simple tests to duplicate the issue so far has failed.

    To add to that, the Macerator's white "processing" progress animation is slightly askew to the right. The Compressor's progress animation looks just fine. I haven't looked at the Extractor's progress animation yet, so if I don't come back to post on it, you may want to check that.

    So far so good otherwise. I ran a few batches thru the Macerator and Compressor, and it works as good as usual. Personally, I'm happy enough to live with these small cosmetic inconsistencies while my cables stay connected on game load.