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    Experimental support? Yes please. You could just add sunnarium parts and sunnarium to dungeon chests/villages and make people have to scan them like iridium is now. I have

    Just wanted to mention that the server console is still spitting this out VERY often now:

    2013-12-09 13:19:01 [WARNING] [IC2] EnergyNet.removeTileEntity: advsolar.common.tiles.TileEntityHybridSolarPanel@383274a5 (advsolar.common.tiles.TileEntityHybridSolarPanel@383274a5) wasn't found (added), skipping
    2013-12-09 13:19:01 [WARNING] [IC2] EnergyNet.removeTileEntity: advsolar.common.tiles.TileEntityHybridSolarPanel@78881975 (advsolar.common.tiles.TileEntityHybridSolarPanel@78881975) wasn't found (added), skipping

    Does anyone know if there's a way to configure Forge to not echo "Warning" or below to the console?

    Btw, I get that error when I use the mod also. It seems to stop producing power, until I replace the solar panel.

    Chock one up for the bugs... I've found yet another!
    Happened when I tried putting copper and tin ore in to make bronze dust. Not sure what caused it specifically.

    It also said "tileentity" at the end of the report if that helps. We are going to have this mod bug-free!! Yipee!

    Btw. Does this make me the exterminator?

    So, I have ratted out another bug...
    crash log

    It crashes server (couldn't remake bug in SSP) when the macerator is like this:

    Notice how the output is in bottom slot. It crashed the server when it finished macerating, which should have added another bronze dust to the top/bottom. In ssp, instead of crashing, it simply stopped the macerator, after adding the bronze dust to the top slot.

    I guess I have reported 2 bugs now... With detailed info... Does that make me your official tester? 8)

    I have been testing things, and it appears to work fine, unless ANY item goes into the Additive slot. It immediately crashes. I tried putting redstone in additive, then iron ore into main. It crashed as soon as I put the iron in. I tried putting gold ore into main, (started macerating) then dirt into additive. It crashed as soon as dirt went in.

    Please fix this bug... I hope this info helps

    I registered here because I am getting a wierd crash when using your mod. It is related to Rotary Macerators. Here it is in spoiler:

    I am using IC2 2.0.293_Experimental version, 1.6.2 experimental version of your mod, and minecraft 1.6.2. Can you tell me if you will fix this mod, otherwise I am going to have to omit this mod ;(