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    I just got redwheat like 10 minutes ago, dunno if anyone discovered it before me... Couldn't bother reading each post in this thread, so I just did 2 searches instead (Redwheat and "Red wheat", both came up with nothing of importance)

    Was crossbred between stickreeds (as can be seen in the first picture)
    No statistics, I was "smart" enough to plant it immediatly after getting the seed analysed X(

    public int getMaxEnergyOutput()
    return 240 * pulsePower();

    sadly, it unused in current 1.15 version (but present inside TEcode), possibly it will be removed in 1.20 or fixed, in any case ever 240 eu reactor not possible without other mods.

    this value shoud limit reactor power\heat rates at 240, no matter how many cores online, heat\energy 240 per cycle max.

    Actually what he said it quite true, he just forgot to check what pulsePower() returns... Which happens to be 5, furthermore at no point is that function called in the "TileEntityNuclearReactor" code, so unless the electricity code calls it specifically, its not used and even if it actually is used the cap would appear at 1200 EU (240 * 5) rather than a mere 240.

    Yes, it is better than the one you linked before, but its still no good. The coolant cells will blow in porbably mere minutes, and once they are gone, the reactor platings will go, followed by the HDs and the Nuke perhaps the nuke might blow before the HDs do because of the extreme heat gain you'll experience once the platings are gone.
    Sure the hull doesn't get much heat, but that doesn't mean its a good reactor, you have to look at how much heat each individual element inside the reactor receives as well (not to mention that the website you use to make examples shows the actual excess heat, in this link: 197.6)

    If you want to make some serious reactors you first of all need to read the tutorial Alblaka posted (if you haven't already), then stop using reactor platings (the completly gray ones) as they in general are useless (note the "in general")

    On the topic of what a good breeder is:
    If you have no heat surplus e.g. the figure in the bottom right of the simulator says "Heat/Cool Surplus: 0" Then you're at a good start cause that means its a "perfect breeder" and you can then put it at 9k+ heat getting the best out of breeding.