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    I'm thinking about making a Ponysona for you in case you ever want to consider a Mine Little Pony server with GregTech. That reminds me, I'm thinking about making my Steel Industries annex for GregTech MLP-friendly.

    And I don't know why I posted this, probably because I have a Minecraft Ponysona that advocates GregTech, and wants to modernize Equestria with it.

    I have same problem as abyssion. I tried all variants with LV transformer and Batbox/CESU. In any case, when connected to the transformer BatBox/CESU explosion occurs.
    Connecting a IC2 generator to the transformer works fine.

    Actually, did you try this? Tell me if this looks like is doesn't work, 'kay? CESU connects into the 5 prong of the LV Transformer, and out goes the 32 EU.

    Hey guys,
    Don't know if you notice, IC2 to GT energy conversion don't work with the last version (1.7.10). Connecting a BatBox / CESU / MFE / MFSU with any type of Low Voltage transformer will result to an explosion. ;(

    Did you try using a higher tier transformer first? If that's overloading the E-net, your problem is too much voltage. The LV transformer can only take 128 EU, no more. Try the Ultra low voltage transformer for Batbox, LV for CESU, MV for MFE, and HV for MFSU. Also watch the Amperage, cables do matter in your setups as well as the Transformers. And also watch the facing, if you make the connection wrong, that will trigger an explosion.

    It's only a Suggestion, but the concept is that, GT Machines can contract viruses that eventually cause overload and explosion, unless you are bold enough to do an inside job, in the machine's Cyberspace. Or if you managed to farm enough Iridium, you can assemble anti-virus upgrades to better ward off these cyber-pests.

    Btw, poor English is not a good trait for an Ambassador, but please elaborate. This time, with more detail and improved syntax, please?

    Are you asking how will this benefit the player?

    Greg, Greg, Greg, what a pleasant surprise for you to see this post, cause I have an idea towards the next GT Build.

    Do you remember MegaMan Battle Network? If so, congrats, you're no dork! Because I want to add in a new Dimension to MC, called Cyberspace. In this dimension, you take the form of a Netnavi, and try to solve problems going on inside your Applied Energistics, or any other technological systems you have. Of course, this, in effect, means that you will need to take another Dimensional slot for another technological setup. You fight mobs like Metools, and other viruses that occasionally plague your machines.

    The idea came to me from the standpoint that all technological applications have a computerized system, in some way. If a virus can transmit from the airwaves, it can affect an entire GT Factory and halt progress, or worse, overload machines if these cyber-mobs are not dealt with. Now in a peaceful game, you don't have to deal with this, but in other difficulties, they will be a major problem as you usher out of the Bronze Age. You can inhibit these cyber-attacks with a Anti-Virus Upgrade, but crafting them requires iridium, which means you will have to keep a close eye on your machines for any strange behaviors, like spitting out refuse outputs, stuff you don't want to use in a crafting recipe.

    I believe this post deserves a thread of it's own, under addon suggestions. If you find this suggestion unfitting for the scope of this mod, I suggest moving this post to a separate thread, under the moniker, "IndustrialNet2 - IndustrialCraft2's Megaman Battle Network"

    "Congratulations, Technician, for discovering the recipe for your first Generator, you have made a valuable contribution to my research, and for that, Humanity/Ponykind is starting to look up to you."

    Wouldn't you be encouraged to push on by opening a book containing this passage, when you craft your first generator? What if you got a similar message of praise, when you create one of each machine? Would you press on in the name of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics?

    The thing is GregTech doesn't praise and encourage players for crafting machines of the Bronze Age, and beyond. You may know the recipe and struggle for your first small coal boiler, but do you gain something for your initiative? NO! You just craft a piece of junk, without any clue on how to use it without killing yourself.

    Greg, I suggest that you give players a token of contribution in the form of writing. Operator's Manuals for each machine, with a word of praise in the beginning. Perhaps something witty to compliment the Machine crafted.

    Hello, GregTechnicians! It's been quite a while since my last post here. So here's what's been going on:

    I'm building a 1.6.4 Modpack known as Tech Trail. And to promote my Modpack, I'm making a video to showcase what you can do with it. Automation, Industrial Architecture, and more. Hence its Tagline "The most Industrialized Modpack for Minecraft", this pack will give you the free reign to build factories, either underground or, what I'm interested in, on the surface.

    Yet, planning a factory on the surface, requires that you have a basic knowledge of Real Estate, or Civil Engineering. Because the worldgen is unpredictable, one of the very best tools my modpack will provide is, WorldEdit, via SPC.

    But I'm stuck with no design, and could use some help. When building a factory on the surface, what should be the average area in blocks for a Massive Factory? And should the factory Expand to meet player demands?

    I'll provide a blueprint in this post for criticism. Don't know when it will be done.