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    It is probably the issue with Extra-utilities and reliquary (if not more) that I reported a while back that was ignored. I don't know if it is on GT's side or theirs, but it fills the GT log with null pointer errors, when loading the items/recipes from those mods. Just the two mods I had the issue with created 70k+ lines in the log, not hard to see how a big mod or a few medium sizes ones could cause it to become massive quickly.

    Seems to be a crash bug on world load with the newest IC2(.630) using .07.

    Trying to track down the long loading time, looking at the GT log. I see a ton of null pointers listed from reliquary and extrautilities, seems to be about every item they add, as it is at least a few thousand lines worth, 24k just for reliquary. I don't know if it is a GT issue or with their mods, but thought I would put it out here, as it probably needs to be addressed anyway.

    All similar to:

    GT_Mod: Activating OreDictionary Handler, this can take some time, as it scans the whole OreDictionary

    java.lang.NullPointerException at xreliquary.items.alkahestry.AlkahestryRedstoneRecipe.func_77569_a(

    Edit: Removing both mods drops the pack load time from 52 minutes to 19.

    I smell a troll.

    Takes 21 minutes first-time load and 11 minutes each after, on a single-core 1.8 GHz Celeron with 2 GB DDR (400 MHz), 90 GB 5400 RPM HDD, and onboard Intel video. Using 35 mods. (My awful laptop). If yours takes longer, then you have clearly either fucked up ROYALLY to the point of scientific fascination, or you're lying outright and exaggerating the load time.
    (Said laptop gets 2-5 FPS on minimal settings, btw)

    I report an issue and you think I am a troll and lying... nice. I reported the previous load time of 20+ minutes months ago, look back on the thread and find it if you think I am lying about that as well. And Adding one mod to the pack and having the load time increase by 10x, how is that me messing anything up? I think you would be the troll, if you don't have anything constructive to add, then don't add anything.

    I have tried to track down what is causing the long load time since 1.6.4, but have not had any luck.

    My computer is a AMD Phenom II @ 4.0, 10gb ram, and a Gforce 650 TI Boost. BTW the dedicated server is a quad core Xeon @ 4.3, 32 gig of ram, SSD in raid on centos 6.5, running nothing but the pack and mysql, it only loads about 2 minutes faster.

    Current mod list for the pack, though it is not 100% up to date as I just updated it, the pack to 1.7.10 a few days ago and still am in the process of updating it. Anything with an asterisk is not currently in the pack, as the list covers the pack back to 1.5.2. Here:…YU0xTEE&usp=sharing#gid=0