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    Hey, I installed GT6 and well, I can't find machines or anything. Ores generate, and recipes changes work, but there is no way to make any actual machines (rotors and foils and stuff are doable). Anyone else getting this bug, or know why it's happening?

    BTW, the only other things installed are forge, optifine, nei, and extrabiomes, none of which seem to have made an impact

    Maybe I'm just stupid.


    Greg: Either your large steel pipes do not work (i.e. they don't actually have twice the bandwidth of small steel fluid pipes), or machines are consuming 4mB steam for 1EU.

    I am feeding MV machines (blast furnace/grinder) directly from large steel steam pipes, which are supposed to move 9600mB/s (480mB/t). However, the machine, performing a 120 EU/t cost task, is consuming all the steam given (portable scanner shows internal steam tank value as hovering around the same number, not filling up more as time passes). This means you cannot run two blast furnaces off the same large steel steam pipe, even though you should be able to.

    Is the steam pipe getting the proper amount of steam inputted? I know a couple weeks ago there was a discussion about intake per segment or pipe, versus carrying capacity. Try connecting 2 steel pipes to your steam output if possible, that might fix it. Hope this helps!

    The advanced miner already does the "functions like a buildcraft quarry but is a lot slower" part, and consumes prodigious amounts of EU. If anything, you should only get a Mining Well equivalent in the bronze age.

    Where can I find information on the advanced miner? I don't really know where to look for it.
    Also, I figured it would act more like a quarry because in the bronze age you don't have scanning tools so finding ores would have to be done mainly by just digging everywhere.

    Hello greg could you add a config option to disable your mod from crashing with item id conflicts? i know it sounds STUPID but your mod are keeping on saying HEY YOU HAVE ITEM ID CONFLICTS YOU IDIOT! when i have searched the ForgeModLoader-client-0 for CONFLICT @ and conflict and other things that could indicate item id errors, the fact is there is none. Greg Tech is just saying: dude if you dont fix these id conflicts that dont exist i will crash. Or maby the mod that overite a greg tech item dont say it in the log. (the crahs came when i updated greg tech) and again in the ForgeModLoader-client-0 there is NO sign of ANY item id conflicts (there is some block id conflicts, but those are from mods that are supposed to overite some vanilla stuffs like rails ans such)
    And i just want to mention that i know you will most likly not answer this comment and if you do you will most likly call me a stupid idiot and say that i did everything wrong.
    Have a nice day and keep on doing stuffs. (sorry for any grammar mistaks written in this post, english is not my first language)

    What other mods are you using? That sounds like an error, not a feature. Also, make sure all other mods are up to date

    What the launcher says doesn't matter, since there have been some questionable warnings about GT introduced recently. Looking at the Crash Log (the only thing that actually matters), it seems like BoP screwed something up in their ThermalExpansion API usage or you are using incompatible versions.

    Updated biomes a plenty, works now, thanks for the help! Makes sense that biomes was the problem, the thing even said it, I'm stupid

    Would you be referring to the GregTech Ore Dictionary Oppression engine? You know, the one that changes Items from one kind to another, just because they aren't Gregtech-specific? The one that doesn't even have a configuration option? Because if so, then there's no chance of ever getting to disable it. Greg will never do anything about it, because he isn't a real modder. Real modders listen to the people, and use the peoiple's ideas for cool stuff that people actually want, while Greg just does whatever he feels like, disregarding the fact that so many people like the machines and hate the unnecessary nerfs that he has created.

    May I suggest reading the original post, and the past 11 or so pages, then revise your statement (if needed) based on what you have read?

    Okay, this makes sense, I was just using some knowledge of physics and chemistry to see if there was a logical explanation for the 4 to 1 ratio. I see that when math is introduced, though we do have a small loss of volume, it is to no extant as great as I expected. You did a good job on the science, and you didn't sound like a dick, so thanks!