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    I made some tests in SMP and there were the teleporters. First I synchronized them, later I moved one. First one loaded to 100%, second one (connected to cable-relay-cable-mfsu) loaded to 103%, then both showing 0%.

    The third right-click at the second teleporter caused my whole PC to not respond anymore. I could still hear background-music, but I had to switch it off.

    My Version is 8.50, Java is, the server was the same PC (quad core) over hamachi.

    What's wrong? Was this intended (I did not synchronize them again)? Do I have to synchronize them again? I'll retest it and post the result later.

    EDIT: So, here the results:

    FIrst I replaced the relay by a normal cable, dismantled the overloaded teleporter, placed it again and synchronized the teleporters.

    This time it did'nt overload, but with the relay again, it did. After applying redstone, it teleported me and left 0% charge.

    So NO BUG here again, sorry. Except the crash last time, which should not be the mod's fault. What do you guys think?

    Some other stuff: Just in case it's easy: could you make the game save the minecart speeds? Wouldn't it be great to have less bugs than vanilla? Only if you like, it's not your responsibility.

    Thumbs Up to you all. :thumbup: