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    My automatic recyclers are bugging out. They seem to recycle very slowly at times and not at all sometimes. They're like stuttering. I have 2 overclockers in them and they get 512 EU/tick each. Both have a 1m storage upgrade in them so i dont know whats wrong. Any help?

    Hey Greg

    Thanks for the new (possible) lag warning in the log. But: What do I do with them?
    Does it mean that the machine itself is lagging or the surrounding (Its automation etc.) is lagging?
    Because if its the machine then I dont see how I can try to reduce lag.

    Digital tank is not upgradable, only holds 256 buckets, and costs a data orb among some other expensive parts. I don't see how it needs further nerfing.

    Yea I know it costs quite a bit ... I was just pointing out that Stainless steel would make much more sense and wouldnt nerf it that much.

    Greg, I'm a little confused how easy it is to build a Digital Tank. Wasn't it your goal to make everything near impossible? ;)

    Might I suggest stainless steel plates instead of steel plates for the Digital Tank? Makes alot of sense as well seeing that most liquids would be corrosive.

    Just found this in my log and had to post it (probably known already):

    2014-01-03 13:05:28 [Information] [STDERR] WARNING: 'greggy_greg_do_please_kindly_stuff_a_sock_in_it' is either being misused by another Mod or has been wrongly registered, as the stackSize of the Event-Stack is not 1!!!
    2014-01-03 13:05:28 [Information] [STDERR]
    2014-01-03 13:05:28 [Information] [STDERR] WARNING: factorization.misc attempted to register greggy_greg_do_please_kindly_stuff_a_sock_in_it very late at the OreDictionary! Some Functionality, such as OreDict-Unification may not work as expected! Sometimes registration in @PostInit is required, but you should always register OreDictionary Items in the @preInit Phase whenever possible.

    So this means from our 3 ingots of copper and 1 ingot of Tin there's now about 3 and a half ingots of Bronze. Well since we made that assumption of bronze's density, it's probably wrong! And since it looks like adding tin makes the density of bronze increase, that means we'd get fewer ingots.

    So I guess that means if you look at it from a chemical/materials science stand point, you'd get 3 ingots of bronze!

    Dont mess with physics:


    Ive read a lot about people wanting IC2e to go back to the old system with eu packages. I think that system was in no way realistic, unfortunately the new one isnt either.

    Id suggest a mix of both systems:

    Machines and Cables both have a EU/package and a package/tick value!

    For example:
    generator would generate 10EU/package at 1 package/tick
    nuclear reactor would generate lets say 128EU/package at 2 package/tick
    tin cable would support 32EU/package at 4 packages/tick

    so a tin cable could support up to 32*4 = 128 EU/tick but would not be able to support the nuclear reactor because it exceeds the EU/package.

    Unfortunatley thats how the EU net works now ... Volts (EU) is additive and no longer in packages ... so until the Superconductor is fixed youre gonna have to live with it.

    EDIT: How much EU/t does the fibre support? coz if its 8k then you can make bundles of 4 plasma gens

    Quoted from "Jantu"
    From a chemical standpoint, wouldn't bronze be more compact, as we have a molecule (cu3sb in this case) so each bar has that molecular structure, resulting in it being more dense, but smaller. Am I making sense? not sure, but I think I might be pointlessly writing.

    Guess how I explained it in the first place.

    You started it :P

    Considering that dust is a unit of volume and not of mass (correct me if im wrong), conservation of Volume still applies. For example if you mix 1 liter of oil (density x) and one liter of water (density y) youd still get 2(!) liters of whatever (density (x+y)/2). (Conservation of volume doesnt really exist but for constant temperatures and therefore constant densities, conservation of mass and conservation of volume are the same thing)

    However, I do believe in 3 + 1 = 4. I'm an engineer, after all.

    I second this. Being an engineer as well ;)
    Conservation of matter does make sense even in minecraft. If you feel like its too cheap then change ore spawn chance in the configs or maybe nerf the ability of bronze items via config (if possible).
    And seriously people if you feel like somethings too easy you can always make it harder for yourself by not using these things :D (try making scrap only out of bronze for example :P)

    EDIT: I agree with r00teniy as well: You cant hammer together copper and tin ingots with ur fist! mixing the dusts together however is not so problematic.