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    How about looking into the many other GregTech Configs? There is a whole Directory full of them. Also none of them is named "DynamicConfig", they all have more fitting Names.

    That is Odd because i am staring at DynamicConfig.cfg right now in GregTech config folder along with 9 other configs. Although i did find what i was looking for in another config file, DynamicConfig and Other config file generate as empty files currently, but this is on GT5 afaik (gregtech_1.7.10-5.07.07).

    Thank you for the tip :)

    Noticing that for a while now gregtech either refuses to generate dynamic config, or the config file is empty, completely devoid of any sense of life.

    Greg tech right now is updated to the latest, i have tried with my modpack (personal) and with nothing else except ic2 and Greg tech, with the same result.

    Only a few things that get me and a friend of mine that prevent us from playing greg tech (1 or 2 things actually) and i believe those config options are inside dynamic config, but considering how it is refusing to generate, i am at a loss.

    Forge is recommended ver on the front page and also with the latest forge (multi mc is helpful for this).

    Any help would be appreciated :).

    Just a heads up (unless i am being stupid and missing something), most of the bronze age recipes (steam forge hammer, compressor, i have confirmed) do not work with build craft/forestry bronze gears and iron gears, making progressing an impossibility unless you cheat in the specific items, i noticed this on the current install download (as of writing this, i downloaded it before typing this and still had issues), as those 2 gears is what i am getting, and unification i do not think handles the gears (quick check, not extensive, as its easy to get lost in those configs).