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    nuggetGold, ingotGold, ingotIron (including the reregistration of ingotRefinedIron), blockGold and blockIron (yes I found two more after looking a bit closer). And because of "coincidentially" being vanilla Metals only (and only Metals, other things work perfectly), I think it must be TConstruct causing that, since they somehow depend on those things in a very strange way.

    If that is the case, how is it that the recipes using the various hammers to make iron plates from 2 iron is still functional?

    Well, one of your Mods intentionally breaks things, because 3 Items are not getting registered to the OreDict at all (even though the Code for that is getting executed). I guess it is TConstruct/Natura causing that just to break Stuff. Try to remove them to see if the Problem persists.

    Would you mind telling me which 3 items? I know for certain Iguana Tweaks tried some funny things with disabling a few crafting recipes (though these were the likes of low-tier hoes) and knowing which items aren't being registered or checking for conflicts on them may help shed light the issue.

    Logs or it didn't happen. And please attach the "OreDict.log" aswell.

    In advance, I appreciate any help. Creative tradeomats with iron->rods is serving for now, but I'd rather this is solved.

    Find attached the server log from launch until I joined and quit, following an attempt to craft.

    Find attached the OreDict.log in use by the server.

    May I also request some type of config option to slow the growth (and default yield) of crops? I aim to add difficulty all-round; not only to machines but to food and survival, and the crops growth speed completely nullifies it. I've had to disable the crafting of cropsticks in order to keep it balanced, which is a huge loss since I want to see the new GT crops.

    Using gregtech 4.05p and IC2 Experimental build 329 my problem (that most gregtech platemaking and rodmaking recipes involving vanilla metals are non-functional, barring making plates from 2 iron and a hammer which works fine) has persisted.

    I'd say it's all items results that ID or that it's a non-interaction with vanilla or it's a lack of proper gregtech but each time I find a common cause that one recipe with the hammer and 2 metals proves it wrong. And all the recipes work fine SSP, but SMP they fail despite my config being the server's exact copy.

    I did have to change all block IDs for compatability

    Concurrent mods:

    The Server isn't configured to use Greg's recipe changes. Your client shows the changes to be in effect, but the server thinks they aren't, and the server is what matters.
    To fix: get the GregTech config files used by the server.

    I'm having the same issue. In response to this, I uploaded my clientside configs to the server and restarted it. The problem persists despite this. It wouldn't be much of an issue but it extends to an inability to being able to craft iron tool rods; even a spawned lathe cannot do it (it treats it as it does any other invalid item; moves it to the right input slot then does nothing).

    Edit: further testing reveals all recipes involving vanilla metals in the machines do not work. I can still aquire plates from the hammer/2iron recipe however.

    Edit2: I'm using Gregtech 4.05l and IC2 Experimental 2.0.316

    Edit3 : Update GT and IC² ~SpwnX