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    uranium rare in this 1.6.4 build of ic2 ? I couldn't find any :o

    I see these replys are going elsewhere...What can/should I run it off if then? and let me rephrase.... Geothermal->MFSU->MassFapper... if that isn't the best, please state another way, and nuclear..oh god... isn't my lingo..(im not good at setting it up xD )

    You need to find the iridium ore in dungeon chests, scan that and then use the liquid UU and lots of EU to replicate the scanned iridium ore. Without finding and scanning an item, you can't replicate any of that.

    Ahh, I think I got it, thanks man! ,soo do you think i could run this off a geothermal going into an MFSU , then to the machines? Or what should I go with(power wise)

    Okay, now, say I wanted to make Iridium.. Would it be even possible? What and how would I do it?

    Hello,I am on 1.6.4 using IC2 and I have no idea how to create..this guy :Matter: (UU-Matter). I've seen post about needing a scanner and a replicator, but I have no idea how to do it, I need to know the whole setup, where to put what, what slot I need to put in what,everything. So , if anyone could take the time to tell me everything in a detailed manner i'd much appreciate it. Thank you.