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    hey great mod been playing it a while but its incompatible with the new IC2 experimental versions #49-67 ive tested.

    I believe Its due to a rename in the IC2 api of dense copper plates.. A simple re-write as far as im aware is to change, in the

    public static ItemStack getItem(String name,int amount){
    		return Items.getItem(name).copy().splitStack(amount);


    public static ItemStack getItem(String name,int amount){
    		if(Items.getItem(name) != null)return Items.getItem(name).copy().splitStack(amount);

    I havent tested it yet but i believe it should work.

    Im going to set up a 1.6.2 enviorment and do a test. :)

    Oh thanks it wasnt null i was just initiating the item and the recipe both in the load stage of FML. Changed it so the blocks and items were preInit and the recipe is loaded in the load stage. Its all working now thanks. Must of just not seen the error.

    For some reason my code does not seem to work on launch..

    The Code:


    GregTech_API.addCentrifugeRecipe( new ItemStack(GTOres_Items.DustItem, 1, 0), 1, GregTech_API.getGregTechItem(1, 2, 241), GregTech_API.getGregTechItem(1, 1, 12), GregTech_API.getGregTechItem(1, 1, 22), GT_ModHandler.getIC2Item("airCell", 1), 100);

    The Error:

    Any ideas/solutions appreciated?</init>

    alri. yeh i use greg tech and i only just noticed that.

    I can't speak for the author but he had a lot of issues with his mod and stopped working at it. Chunk cruppting issues. GregTech adds sort of this feature and works flawless. Its a lot more costly recipe the way it should be anyways but I just wanted to let you know.

    I would love to see this mod updated. It looks very nice. I have noticed fallen that you do a lot of addons? I was wondering can you help me create my first addon. I can code already I just would liek help working with api's and stuff such as industrialcraft and buildcraft. Thanks man :)