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    Anyhow there's no way to give enough power to 600 machines at same time without plasma generators. The only thing that changed and made the fuel production process so much expensive is the hydrogen production. Watching some video on yt i saw the production of hydrogen with just water (before 4.04 i guess) and not with electrolyzed water cause this is process that require the largest number of Electrolyzers.
    I love this new kind of fusion reactor, is cool, challenging and i want to see it works, but i cant undestand why make fuel-prod so expensive only to produce energy, for what? The only real end-game machine is this one.

    Hello everyone! Me and my friends own a server with DNS techpack 6.0.x ( ) with IC2 experimental and GreagTech 4.04x. We are trying to build the gregtech fusion reactor to make energy from deuterium and tritium. So we made some calculations to plan the production of fuels. We realized that we need a large number of machines, especially for electrolyzers (420 seem too many). Maybe there's some mistake, but we didn't find any. I wonder if someone has already built the reactor and can give an help with these numbers.

    This the link to our calculations.…JkYjlrXzZ3NVE&usp=sharing
    (tritium and deuterium are calculated on two tabs, just look below).
    If you don't understand feel free to ask, we'll add some explanations on the spreadsheet.

    We already know that it's required a monstrous amount of energy to run the fuel production with 3 overclockers, but it seems the best solution without build a lot of machines. Now we don't know how to proceed. Is there anyone who can help us?