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    Hi i'm trying to make a thermal generator & for this you need a geothermal generator but i can't craft the latter because i can't craft the empty cells needed, is their a setting i need to change for this are they made differently while using gregtech, also the recipe won't show in NEI, know normally it is 4 tin in a diamond shape but that isn't working, also i'm new to gregtech so if its summit simple don't be to harsh.

    Hi i am using version 4.05s gregtech & thermal expansion and cofh core 2.0.0b9d when i pulverize ferrous ore from thermal expansion in TE's pulverizer i get the ferrous dust but when i pull it out of the machine in to my inventory i get gregtech nickel dust same happens with all other dust from thermal expansion and ingots they change to your dusts or ingots ? i've checked on thermal expansion thread and got directed here i have also checked id's for all dusts and ingots no conflicts or anything.