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    and another oneorken" with no info.
    We can't help you unless you give us details. goes "HALP! B.. *HOW* did you install it? Also need a copy of Modloader.txt (put it in spoiler tags) define: "can't see any recipes" how are you looking for them?

    The ModLoader.txt won't help you as it's just to test if Minecraft can start. And I said how I installed the mod. Extracted the Jar from the .ZIP and stuck it in the Mods folder. The recipes/blocks don't show up in Crafting Guide and NEI. If they do, I can't see em. NEI'S search bar when searching for "Parachute" shows nothing. I spawned the leather and string, put it in a crafting table as told to in the thread, and get no items out of it.
    ModLoader.TXT, just to make you happy. I've cut out most of it, just leaving the "Mod loaded: and things regarding RocketScience."