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    Aye but the 3.3.8 version says it works for 1.118.401, also by upgrading to experimental version I'm not sure if I will lose all my IC2 stuff and world generation. everything else works fine in 1.118 i don't really wanna upgrade if i don't need too just for 1 add-on , I'm using a few add-ons that work with 1.118.401. So if i can find a way to get 3.3.8 (which it says it does) to work I would be much happier. However if upgrading to EXP IC2 will not mess up my current world once all the add-ons are updated as well i would consider that as an option.

    For some reason I'm having a hard time getting the 3.3.8 version to work with ic2 1.118.401 here is the error when loading

    I'm noticing significant FPS drop when using 4 Extractors to feed 1 Capacitor. if i cut the IC2 power to the machines i get my FPS back. going from 120+ to 37 is pretty harsh lol. Just letting you know in case there is some thoughts on the situation.

    Edit: I should point out that there is no FPS drop if the extractors are on feeding the capacitor running on strait FE its only when they are connected to IC2 power that the FPS drop happens

    Edit2: Seems like the faster a Extractor is calculating WE: % from High Voltage the more this occurs. so even 1 Extractor running on 512 EU will drop it to 47 FPS