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    I see you use redpower. If you want extremely high output and eff i suggest making a CASUC reactor with water buckets. Through not entirely safe it will produce like 10 times more than a normal one.

    What does CASUC stand for? I know the Single Use Coolants part, but not the CA.

    I will make a backup of the world and test the reactor out with as many uranium cells as the ice system will support until it can run a full cycle.

    This is because I want to make a whole empire of factories that create most every item in the game, so I will need A LOT of power without having to babysit the reactors. Yes that's right, reactorS. I am planning on building about 2 more of these things in the space below the current one. The room above it will be for power storage and conversion. This is the reason I will have the lockdown switch be capable of locking down all reactors simultaneously, so that the explosion of one won't blow up the others.

    After much hard work, I have finished v2 of my power plant!

    The plant is fully outfitted with all sorts of features designed to produce maximum nuclear energy. Check out the screenshots and download to see more!

    Reactor Specs:
    Mark II-7-CASUC EA
    EU/t: 845
    EFF: 4.33
    Consecutive Cycles: 7.81
    Cooldown Time: 7 seconds
    Highest Heat Level: 1632

    Just make sure that the reactor has been filled with ice correctly and the coolant system has had about 5 minutes to warm up before turning it on. Otherwise, the engines will note be working quite fast enough to provide the necessary ice.


    This download contains everything you need to play the map:

    Please let me know your suggestions!

    Please note that this is not meant for players who legitimately gather their resources. It is meant for people who like to build crazy stuff without worrying about how many resources they have. :)

    I won't check the world save, but it sounds like you want a Mark 2 reactor. There's a few good designs lurking in these forums.
    [In particular, a 3.0 efficiency 28? heat/tick reactor. As well as a 2.5 efficiency with ~3 heat/tick.]

    I advise you do, but I will upload pics anyways.

    I was considering a MkII, but I want a bit higher power output. I have an ice coolant system installed that should allow this (It delivers ice quite quickly).

    Hello, I have mostly finished building my nuclear power plant. I need some help with designing the insides of the nuclear reactor now. I want it to be able to run at least 1 cycle before requiring a cool down period. I might build a second reactor room above the current one to use when the first one is cooling down, otherwise that will be the energy storage room. I will provide the download to the world so you can see all the features I have built into it. To play the world, you will need the latest versions of IC2, Buildcraft (all modules), and Redpower (core, wiring, logic, and lighting) for MC 1.8.1. If you want to see all the hidden wiring, I suggest you also install zombe's modpack and use noclip.

    (These are not up to date with the current map version)

    Here is the world save:

    Please let me know your suggestions!