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    What is that purple drink for? Cant find any infos about it...

    That's liquid UU-matter. It's been replaced by ye olde pink uu-matter :Matter: when IC2 updated to IC Experimental. In order to produce it, you'll have to make a mass fabricator. In order to make stuff out of it, you'll have to make a replicator placed next to a pattern storage which is next to a scanner. You scan a thing, it stores it in the pattern storages. In the replicator you choose the thing you want te have recplicated and then you just input the Liquid UU-Matter using pipes or use fluid ejector upgrades.

    I don't know much about the FTB pack, but here is some advice:

    - Regular macerator is disabled, there is the automatic macerator to replace it. It's a GT machine which does exactly the same, and more.
    - Universal Macerator is not really an early game machine. (like any electricity using machine in GT)
    - Actually you are supposed to go through the bronze age, which included machines such as the Small Coal Boiler, the Steam Furnace, Squeezing Extractor and the Sturdy Grinder. Currently, NEI is a bit lacking in that department, but you can macerate Lapis in the Sturdy Grinder and hope for the best.

    Whoops, I meant I wanted to craft the automatic macerator instead of universal. And for some reason, I've never heard of the 'bronze age', so I'm reading wiki pages now! But still, thanks!

    Hey guys.

    I'm desperately trying to craft myself a macerator, but the recipe is confusing me. FYI: I'm using Direwolf20 FTB 1.0.7, the newest Gregtech and IC2 build 336. I'm playing on the GT hard mode.

    First of all, NEI doesn't show a recipe for the regular macerator when pressing R. I know the recipe so I tried crafting it, but that doesn't work. So, the only macerator I'll be able to make is the Universal macerator. So I got everything but the advanced circuits. The advanced circuits require either lapis dust or lazurite. The only way to get those is by macerating lapis, which I obviously can't do. So I'm stuck in a eternal loop: I need lazurite dust for a macerator, lazurite dust is made by the macerator which I want to make.