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    Well, if it happened in a rnage of ca. 10 builds, that's a fairly good narrowing down already. I'll have confirm it with one of the newer builds when I have time later, then I can make a proper bug report.

    Not sure if you made a typo, build 298 does NOT work properly. I tried build 215 and the reactor works as intended, so I will have a specific build number for you shortly. *rubs hands* Time to get to work!

    EDIT: BUILD 288 IS THE CULPRIT! 287 works fine, but 288 melts components. Sure enough, on the page for 288 there are a lot of reactor changes:

    I'm not sure how to view the code changes of each file, SVN-style, but that gives you somewhere specific to look.

    If you want to test it yourself, it can take a long time for components to melt, or to even notice that there is a problem at all.

    Instead, set up a reactor with this design, connect it to an industrial display panel using a sensor card, and turn it on. It is supposed to run at 0 heat, but in build 288 or newer, it will show 32 heat... for some reason more heat is being generated.

    The real issue is how the heat interacts with the hull.

    This 0 Core Heat Design
    Works perfectly, for any fuel. It prevents any heat from entering the hull and works VERY predictably.

    The coolant cells are just "plugs" for a heating mechanism (two dual uranium), as it is a MOX reactor

    Interestingly, I tried another of the reactor designs in the stickied thread (http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…adh05nlzbpykw84kwczan05q8) and it also no longer works. I guess you're right, and the heat interaction with the hull has broken a lot of the more complex designs.

    I am actually using a very similar design for my MOX reactor(s), I think made by Omicron: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…vyd4gbkpqtiu8lwrf87m6uh34
    I may just use 2 MOX-ready reactors and dump uranium into them. Pity I just wasted so many resources on the overclocked vents, hah. But looks like they're not practical to use right now.

    It still loses durability and melts eventually (by "gold", I assume you mean the component heat exchanger). I'm assuming this is a bug and not intended?

    I can remove the bottom uranium cell for now and just run 6 dual cells I guess.

    Edit: Even with one of the uranium cells removed, it still isn't working properly. Heat is fluctuating around the 20's constantly. This is weird!

    Hi everyone.

    The forum banned my main account accidentally, so I had to post on an alt one. Basically I copied a design off the reactor design thread (http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…6ucaceovy6uixc92gxt2grpxc) which is stable according to the planner.

    Ingame is a different story. Instead of running at 0 heat, it runs at 32 for some reason. It does output the correct EU/t (300) so I didn't think much of it, but I came back a few hours later to find it had shut off via the thermal control. The Heat Exchanger in the bottom right, and the heat vent to the left of it had both melted. I tried to recreate in a creative world, and sure enough you can see the exchanger durability dropping as the reactor runs.

    In short, why doesn't this design work?? I am not using MOX fuel in this, everything is exactly as the design above shows (yes, I triple checked the components).

    Also as a side note, I tried the design in FTB Mindcrack pack (1.5.2) using the GT computercube, and it runs completely fine, as expected. The GT computercube is broken in my 1.6.2 version and I can't use it to test builds. I've had multiple people tell me the "vanilla" reactor mechanics had not changed in ic2 experimental as far as heat/eu, so does anyone have the knowledge to explain to me what the problem is here? :) Thanks a bunch.