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    That was it - I wasn't aware you actually could place redwire on blocks with right-click dialogs like that. So I was trying to use regular vanilla redstone dust wiring instead and I've never been good at visualizing how that kind works, and was probably putting it in the wrong place or routing it incorrectly or something. Thanks.

    Is there some trick to using the redstone button on batboxes that I'm not getting? I can't seem to get it to actually DO the things it says it will do on a redstone signal. Alternatively, anyone have pictures of their setup that works that I can look at?


    Could scrap boxes also sometimes output bones? I like being able to get slime balls for pistons when I'm playing on Peaceful mode - an easy way to also get bones without installing another mod or dropping out of peaceful for a small time would be really nice.

    Am I missing something about how the Scanners work with the autominer? I don't seem to get any difference in results whether I put either scanner in the Autominer or leave that slot empty - it just digs straight down in a 1x1 column to the bedrock and stops.