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    If you have a single insulated HV cable and run HV through it, you will still get zapped, when you're close to it, though you will get less damage, than if it's uninsulated.
    You will also have a lower energy loss, when losing higher insulated cables.

    But it's weird, that you're asking this question in this thread, because iirc, the 1.7.10 and 1.8.9 version doesn't have the non-max-insulated cables in and in 1.9+, energy loss etc. has nothing to do with Uncomplication.

    What about gold?

    And Uncomplication doesn't have energy loss in 1.10? Its a vanilla IC2 feature?

    Why not just have it washed now? I'm assuming you are planning on using the most recent IC2 versions from jenkins. You could use the ore washing plant. I like where this is going. PM me if you want me to try and make horrible attempts at creating textures.

    If you look at the thread, notice the coal can be used instead. Not the most realistic, and I leave it up to whoever takes on this mod to implement it or not. But Traincraft Petroleum and Buildcraft Oil are two non-vanilla sources I had in mind. Also maybe coalfuel cells.

    Maybe I'll add that to the thread

    I originally posted this on the MCF, but they said here was better. So....

    I had this idea a while back, finally got around to posting it:

    Minecraft Plastics Mod - Addon for Industrialcraft 2

    First, make carbon reformer -

    I L I
    I C I
    I E I
    C - Compressor
    I - Iron Plate
    L - Lava Bucket (bucket NOT refunded)
    E - Advanced Electronic Circuit

    Creates Raw Plastic using the following (must provide electricity) -

    Coal Dust - 3 Plastic
    Charcoal - 1 Plastic
    Coalfuel Cell - 4 or 6 Plastic
    Coal - 2 Plastic
    Clay - 3 Plastic
    Diamond - 64 Plastic, but uses alot of power (10 times the normal amount)
    TC Petroleum - 6 Plastic
    1000mB BC Oil - 10 Plastic
    1000mB BC Fuel - 20 Plastic

    Called "Unformed Plastic"

    You will also need molds made from clay. Mold Former (no power required)

    I C I
    I CL I

    I I I
    C - Crafting Table
    I - Iron Ingot
    CL - Clay Block

    Mold Formers make the following molds:

    Bottle Mold - Makes 2
    Tube Mold - Makes 1
    Small Cap Mold - Makes 8
    Large Cap Mold - Makes 4
    Sheet Mold - Makes 1
    Large Sheet Mold - Requires 2
    LED Mold - Makes 16

    The Clay molds must be cooked in a furnace and turned into hardened molds.

    Raw Plastic must be refined into a Molded Form then into a Plastic Object, with may then be crafted into various things:

    LED - 8 LED Plastic, Uninsulated HV cable - Makes 8
    LED Set - 8 LEDs, Iron Item Casing
    LED Display - 8 LED Sets, Uninsulated HV cable
    Electronic Sign - 1 LED Displays, 1 Iron Plate, 1 Plastic Sheet (Acts like a sign, but editable (and programable?, colors?)
    Telescope - Tube, Lens (of glass), Sticks - Zooms in on things
    Water Bottle - Plastic Bottle, Small Plastic Cap (can be filled with water, supplies water)
    Water Jug - 5 Plastic Sheets, Large Plastic Cap (Holds a bucket of water)
    Synthetic Rope - 3 Plastic Tubes in a compressor - makes 2 lengths (placed and climable like ladders - MAY CHANGE)
    Industrial Fan - 1 motor, 4 plastic sheets, 1 insulated copper cable - Requires power, pushes items inside tubes for 16 blocks, (16x - (2x - 2)), x = # of fans, max 5 fans, items on the ground are pushed 5 blocks (max 25 with 5 fans), pushes entities away 3 blocks (max 15 with 5 fans)
    Air Tubes - 4 Glass Panes, 4 Plastic Sheets - makes 4, approx 2.5 feet wide (fully insulated HV cable)
    Opaque Air Tubes - 8 Plastic Sheets - makes 4
    Storage Bin - 6 Plastic Sheets - holds 3x5
    Yo-yo - 2 Large Plastic Caps, 2 string - ****COME UP WITH USE****
    Synthetic Plate - 1 Plastic Sheet, 1 Bronze Plate - Use to make upgraded HAZMAT suit
    Synthetic Rubber - 3 Plastic Sheets in a compresser = 1 synthetic rubber (sames uses as rubber MAY CHANGE)
    Water Tank - 5 Large Plastic Sheet, 2 Bucket of Water (refunded) - provides infinite water source

    Computercraft Section
    Laptop - 4 Plastic Sheets, 1 Reinforced Glass, 1 CC Modem, 1 Motor, 1 LED Display, 1 Computer Core (CC Advanced Computer)
    Desktop Tower - 4 Iron Plates, 1 Computer Core, 2 Motors, 1 Electronic Circuits, 1 CC Modem (CC Advanced Computer)
    Monitor - 1 LED Display, 1 Data Cable (desktop requires this)
    Keyboard - 2 Plastic Sheets, 1 Data Cable, 1 I/O Port (desktop requires this)
    Data Cable - 1 Insulated Copper Cable, 1 Insulated HV Cable, and 1 Nether Quartz Block (Fluix Dust instead of block if AE is installed)
    Computer Core - 4 Advanced Circuits, 1 Cooling Core, 1 I/O Port, 3 Memory Cores
    Memory Core - Use AE 4k Drive and 1 motor if AE is installed, other wise: 1 Ender Eye , 1 Motor, 1 Blaze Rod, 1 Diamond, 1 Nether Quartz Block
    Fan - 1 Coil, 1 Plastic Sheet
    Cooling Core - Fan, 2 Copper Item Casings, 4 Uninsulated Copper Wire
    I/O Port - 1 Circuit, 1 Iron Item Casing
    CD - 1 Plastic Sheet, 1 Circuit - Makes 4
    CD Case - 1 Plastic Sheet - Makes 2