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    See buts thats just the problem :( in the new version of gregtech 1.6.4, u cannot process hydrogen directly from water. You now need to electrolyze water into electrolyzed water, and then 6 electrolyzed water into 4 hydrogen cells. Any idea what do do about that? Again, much appreciated :D (10 sec for 1 electrolyzed water, 5 sec for 6 electrolyzed water into 4 hydrogen)

    Lets be honest now. Gregtech is an amazing addon to IC2. On the 1.6 server i have been playing on, my friends and i have been swiftly progressing through the tech tree. I am at the point where materials are of no matter to me, and I can construct nearly every machine that I desire. When setting up for the new fusion reactor though (I had built and fully automated one in the 1.5 version) I ran into a kink. In order to fuel the tritium deuterium reaction i am planning on using, the staring point is hydrogen. However, in the newest version of gregtech the only renewable way to produce hydrogen is by electrolyzing 6 electrolyzed water cells to get 4 hydrogen, and I am not sure the amount of machines required to do this. Any help on this matter would be much appreciated, and again the cost is of no matter i just need to know the amounts of machines for every step of automation. Thanks again! :)