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    Thanks to wormzjl's modpack, I discovered this mod. It looks like

    it will provide many useful machines for processing materials

    from my PFAA mod. I plan on adding recipes to for IHL machines

    from Java. But it looks like the GitHub has not been updated as

    recently as the mod itself. Any chance of keeping them in sync?

    As what is it registered? It would grind into the Crushed variant anyways if it is registered like normal. If you just added "oreGlauconiteSand" (as opposed to the former "oreGlauconite") as a Material, then I will add it for the next Version.

    Thanks a lot for fixing the electrum. As for the glauconite, I just realized that I had renamed the glauconite material to glauconiteSand, which strictly is not necessary, so I will just change the name back.

    I will add a Config to disable the PFAA Detection so that it is easier to re-enable GT worldgen, but that detection will default to on, because of the aforementioned terrible lag that would cause.

    Hmm. COG without PFAA already does this. It replaces GT ores with stone and runs its own generation of GT ores. With FastCraft at least, the lag does not seem prohibitive.

    As Jason suggests, I guess the optimal solution would be for PFAA to tell GT via some sort of API when the PFAA ore generation is
    disabled. I can access GT_Config, of course, but if I changed an option, GT would need to respond via ConfigChangedEvent. This would take a lot more work than the simple COG replacement.

    It would seem there is a need for a mod that would allow mod pack users to see a few high-level options in the Forge config GUI. Just simplified, where setting a particular option can affect multiple options in different mods.

    Greg, would it be possible to make it so that GT oregen is always enabled in the overworld, even when PFAA is loaded? Right now, if someone has GT and PFAA in a modpack, but disables PFAA generation, no ores are generated from either mod. If GT could just always generate, then PFAA could remove GT ores from the world when it is activated (simple with COG). Thanks!

    Hey guys, CustomOreGen 1.2.10 includes a beta configuration for Gregtech. Basically, I took the Geologica config file and heavily modified it to use many of the Gregtech materials (many of which were obviously inspired by Geologica, so it was relatively straightforward). Hyper-realistic, limited to the overworld. Please let me know what you think.

    The Fluid Stuff is something I have planned for a long time already, I need a way to generalize the Fluid Colors a little bit more, since I don't wanna copypaste Fluid Textures for every Fluid (color modulation not being possible)

    Not exactly sure what you want, but I've generalized the coloring of fluids in geologica by overriding Block.colorMultiplier. This is essentially GL_MODULATE. For the source texture, I just took the water texture, grayscaled it, inverted it (so multiplication will yield enough color), and adjusted the brightness/contrast till it looked nice. Seems to work.

    Do you really think she registered RP somewhere? I don't think she copyrights laws can be applied here at all. And if you look at apple-samsung war you will know that even with patents it's not that easy to win a case and we are talking about code and some graphics. If there is no code copied from RP she has 0 ground to do something.

    Any code she writes is by default copyright under her name. And copyright is generally interpreted more liberally than direct code copying. For example, if the others did indeed look at her code, it would be very difficult for them to defend themselves from any serious legal action.

    As an aside, I understand that she now has a job, and I wouldn't be surprised that (unbeknownst to her) she has signed over the copyright on all code she writes to that company as part of her employment contract.

    Those are some great thoughts right there.
    My idea now looks like this:

    Would you please post the parts relevant to world generation (the mining and prospecting would be something for Gregtech or IC2) to the PerFabricaAdAstra github issue tracker? Perhaps break this down into several issues, one per feature? Some of these ideas would be fairly easy to implement. Having it in the issue tracker would help us figure out how to move forward and also provide a venue for focused discussion. I also want to reiterate that I welcome external contributions to PFAA and wouldn't mind eventually welcoming others to the team.

    Alright, the new version (0.1.1) is up for your testing. Fixed the ore dict registration, the ore dropping, and worked around some annoying NEI behavior. Thanks guys.

    Hey o/ XD
    I seem to be having trouble getting any worldgen to spawn. Everything that I set just ends up being a regular stone world with no ores whatsoever. I managed to get it working once, but then any subsequent attempts have yielded nothing. Help? XD
    I've only edited the in-game config option when generating a world.

    Which changes did you make to the configuration? It should reset each time unless you've done something special.

    Hey guys, just updated PFAA for 1.7. Please try it out. Alpha/beta stuff. I've already started work on petroleum resources. Will have 3 grades of oil, as well as oil shale, oil sands, and natural gas. But I guess just the liquid oil would be usable right now. Also near term, I'm planning on rendering at least some of the ores as overlays on associated rock textures.

    It would also be awesome to provide a conf set for PFAA for GT ores that would let them generate in places and at frequencies that would be suitable for GT. I tried to set up PFAA for some decent world but after a few days of twiddling around just gave up.

    If you or anyone else on this thread have any specific ideas about how the balance could be improved, please send me your comments, preferably as a github issue, and we can start working on a config.

    CustomOreGen was updated to 1.7 over the weekend. PFAA will not be far behind. Expect it in the next few days.

    To Greg: the mod ID for Geologica is "PFAAGeologica".