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    Suggestion: Redesign of Mining Laser

    The Mining Laser was too powerful in IC and now is too weak in IC² since it has become blast resistance aware.
    It's also not powerful as a weapon anymore, since both range and damage are inferior to the one of the bow.
    The only useful option is the scatter shot (for quickly creating big caves), wich uses so much energy, that it's usefulnes is marginal.
    Please give some more power to the Mining Laser so it's either useful for tunneling or as a weapon again.

    No Changes to current recipe needed.

    Liebe Grüße aus Südhessen :D

    Redesign Nano Sabre or redesign Chainsaw.

    The Nano-Sabre is redundant in its current functionality, because the chainsaw can do what the sabre does and more.

    Killing a hostile mob with the Nano-Sabre and the chainsaw both take two strikes. The chainsaw doesn't need to be turned on/off and also cuts down wood.
    Due to that the Nano-Sabre isn't useful.
    To fix this either make the Nano-Sabre a one hit killer (you still have to switch it on and off) or reduce the damage of the chainsaw, so it takes three hits to drop a hostile mob.

    No change to existing recepies necessary.

    Liebe Grüße aus Südhessen :)

    Then it is NO issue. Sorry, I forgot to mention, that I'm still running on 1.15.
    I had problems installing the newer Version and since I was in IC-fever I reverted to my backup and continued building :) instead of trying to fingure it out.

    Hello IC² Team!

    I seem to be unable to craft an MFS Unit, which is kind of annoying since I invested quite some recources into the components.
    I looked up the recipe both on the wiki and inside risugamis Recipe Book, but when I place the components on the crafting table the MFS does not appear in the product slot.

    The recipeIused:

    Lap | AvC | Lap
    Lap| MFE | Lap
    Lap | AvM | Lap

    "Lap" being a Lapotron Crystal, "AvC" being an advanced Circuit and "AvM" being an Advanced Machine Block.

    Either i'm dumb and missed something obvious or there's something wrong with the MFS crafting.