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    I had an idea. (perhaps it could be a separate thing, or a choice in the config file, to appease people who dont like the idea?) We could have advanced compressors take water from a buildcraft tank to make snow. Although, since we still need multiplayer, i suggest using buildcraft 2.2.13.

    I think that all you would have to do is make the amount of water that the compressor holds bigger, and then use buildcraft API

    I never said it cant be done, i just said that it cant be done right now without modifiying base clases (Im aware of Dynamic Lights).

    IC2 Dev team wont make their own version of Dynamic Lights NOR will they add any item that depends of Dynamic Lights to properly funtion (As to avoid dependencies). IIRC Dynamic lights gives you a config file to add your own light items, so you can always add the Quantum helmet to that list.

    That is true, the main problem with this idea is practicality. He is better off having someone who makes addons make this for him, rather than the IC2 dev team.

    The helmet CAN'T light the area because of limitations of the mc engine.

    HUD tied to the helmet and trigger that occurs when player wears X item its basically the same shet. Read properly next time plox.

    Says who? A client sided light is not that difficult to code, and as far as i know does not break any sort of limits.
    Go look at the dynamic lighting mod, its client sided. Client sided lighting of an area also exists in Zombe's mod pack.
    Really the only problem with this would be compatibility with other mods if you wanted to use it.

    Mob highlighting is also very much possible, go look at Zombe's mod pack.

    Also, the minimap thing has been done before. (possible merging between IC2 and a minimap mod?)
    If a minimap cannot be done, then perhaps a built in FPS style compass at the top of the screen?

    Then, onto ore highlighting... I assume you didn't mean an actual x-ray type thing, but a thing that just points out to you that ore is there so that you don't miss it.

    I think that the helmet should be able to be charged in an MFE, but it takes 1 million EU to fully charge it, as to power the various functions. You could also be able to turn certain functions off with a GUI so that you can preserve power (you want ore highlighting, but not increased brightness)

    Just a few ideas, i like your idea, and maybe it will get added?

    The current reactors can range from very hard to manage to very easy to manage. How hard it is to manage is very dependent on how much energy you want. Some people like having easy energy so that they can do other things, while some other people like watching a reactor 24/7, and both play styles can be fulfilled with the current system. While i do like your UI, I don't think that reactors need to be harder to manage than the operator wants them to be. Go build a class five reactor with manual shut offs if you want difficult lol.


    An idea you may like is instead of having a large explosion, leaving behind a mess is to have a slightly smaller explosion, but also flood the area with deadly radiation

    Then, of course, if youre a madman, you can build the geothermal generator farm that i designed.
    Good job on the tutorial by the way, reminds me of my second generator farm. I could probably do a tutorial on this monstrosity, but that seems a bit overkill seeing as nobody could possibly find enough lava.

    They are not Perfectly safe, at some time it will get dangerous. [More than one satellite sending microwaves to same target]

    Nothing is perfectly safe, by perfectly safe, i mean as safe as talking on your cellphone for a day. Also, depending on the method used, a single large satellite with a single bigass fucking solar farm as opposed to a clusterfuck of smaller solar farms beaming to a single location, keeping radiation levels the same regardless. Then, of course, there is government regulation, which would definitely be in place if you're beaming microwaves down to earth, and not only that but people aren't too fond of the idea of getting cancer, and would therefore complain to the energy company until they make radiation levels safe enough that you could be around the receiver and be fine.

    I only read the first page, ignore this post if this has already been addressed.

    This method of energy collection is quite possible, and there are already plans made to make such a system in the real world. Basically, we shoot bigass fucking solar farms into geosynchronous orbit above a bigass fucking collection area. The solar farms operate by converting light energy from the sun into microwaves to be shot down towards the bigass fucking collection area. The reason that this method can even be considered practical is because just how much energy it produces, compensating for the very inefficient process of turning light of a certain wavelength into electrons* and then converted to microwaves of a certain wavelength and amplitude** to finally be shot down at the collectors, which then store the energy to send into the powergrid.

    *current solar panels are specialized to only accept certain
    wavelengths, and the way around this is the highly expensive process of
    layering solar panels designed for different wavelengths, and then
    separating sunlight to be shot at the various specialized photovoltaic

    **the microwaves are perfectly safe and you could walk around the collection area without any problems.