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    GT uses any 1.6.2 or 1.6.4 Forge. Both are compatible. Also Forge should not be an Issue at all, if there is an Issue then it is either NEI or it is not an Issue, since there is no actual Recipe in the Game (since I removed and replaced some Recipes).

    @Greg and Nonotan (since he was helping before):

    Here are the logs for my instance

    They were to big for pastebin, sry. Well greg that's unfortunate, as I'm unable to see the recipes for any of your machines, including the advanced IC2 versions, the Bronze machines, or any of the multi-block parts or advanced processing machines, even the GregComputer. There is no crash or errors shown, simply no dialog appears when pressing 'R' in NEI or by clicking on the object with NEI in recipe mode. They're all blank in CraftingManager so even if I enable them they still don't show a recipe in NEI. That sucks but since it works without I'll have to assume it's not an NEI issue. If you guys can tease anything out of the logs that would be great but I wasn't able to see anything showing failures or anything obvious like that. Here's hoping a solution can be found.

    All that happens with those two is TiC says Gregtech is detected so don't post bug reports to mDiyo.

    Yeah that's why I added GT as the very last mod. So that if there were any issues that I'd have to go report to other authors, they couldn't ignore it with the "GregTech no support" retort.

    Bronze machines show up in NEI just not what they produce. They function the same as there electric versions.

    You can find out what version of gregtech you have by opening the and viewing the file.

    This is what made me think it was an issue rather than just disabled recipes. Since I can't see any of the bronze machines and those are tier 1 GT so they pretty much have to be there. I'll check the version number when I get off work, but since I downloaded from the OP here I'm pretty sure it's the most up-to-date one available, unless there's another secret stash somewhere I don't know about.

    @ wall-o-text above: Use Forge 953, IC2 344, and latest GT. Anything more recent than 953 is not for 1.6.4.

    Also, make sure you're not on page 2/1 in NEI; that's a 1.6 bug.

    Forge 953 doesn't work either. That was where I was before I got tired of not having recipes and started updating everything last night. Did notice the page 2/1 bug, but that is different. Once switching back to page one, the item appears, but it still gives no recipe (if IC2 or GT machine).

    According to the Forge File Server (
    11/21/2013 02:31:00 PM

    Is the most up to date version for 1.6.4. They don't start the 1.7 version until Forge Is GT not configured for Forge versions higher than 953? Considering they've moved on to 1.7, I assumed all authors that were still doing 1.6.4 updates would compile against the latest version since it wouldn't be changing anymore.

    So has anyone else had issues with GT and IC2 experimental not showing recipes in NEI. I've put together my own conglomeration and everything worked swimmingly until I added gregtech. Once that was in, I lost recipes to most of the IC2 machines and almost none of the GT recipes showed up either. I thought the IC2 thing may be because of some being disabled, but I'm missing recipes for all of the bronze machines, and all of the early IC2 electrical machines as well, which I'm pretty sure should be there. If I take GT back out all the recipes for IC2 at least, come right back, obviously no GT recipes in that setup. I tried using the CraftingManager addon to take better control of the recipes but it doesn't show anything in the grids for most of these items either, and I can't add new recipes to replace them. When they're disabled and I re-enable them through CraftingManager, it the older cheaper IC2 recipes. I would really like to get this to work, for all the extra's GT offers but without NEI support, or at least the loss of basic IC2 NEI support that's going to be excessively difficult unless/until the wiki's are properly updated. I've updated everything I can think of, used the DW20 1.6.4 configs as a base line (IC2 recipes show properly here) then with ID Fixer Minus added all the others, then added GT trying to make sure everything was resolved before GT entered the mix. Everything is the latest version now, tried with IC2 Ex. 301, 316, and 344 same issue in all three. Couldn't tell you what version of GT since well no versioning, but was downloaded from the OP last night just to be sure. Forge is version 965, NEI and all the Misqator addin's taken manually from his site all updated. I'm at a loss, would really like GT to be involved in this setup if I can get it working, but no or minimal NEI functionality is kind of a deal breaker when handling his recipe chains. If anyone has any idea's it would be greatly appreciated.