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    I will look into it. What did the generator's GUI say? And how full is the bat box?

    The batbox gets freshly placed for test runs, so it will be empty. However I have just done a run with a Medium engine and that behaved as expected (a rate of about 12.5 EU/t before and after the pips). What was new to me this run was that the generator's liquids bar filled up. It hadn't done this with the Small engine, so I would assume the generator can't retain pressure with only a single Small engine.

    Still, now that I've got the Medium engine I'll be using that and the Small engine will be relegated to powering the pump for the Medium engine's water.

    Well now that seems entirely different to what I just got, but it might just be a question of scale. My setup is: Small Solar Flower -> Batbox -> Small Engine -> pipes -> 1 petrochemical generator -> Batbox. The solar flower happily keeps the batbox full all day, and the single engine won't drain the box overnight. However the measured EU's from the first batbox to the engine is 2.5EU/t, while from the generator to the second Batbox the rate is only 0.75EU/t. Admittedly this doesn't say anything about what would happen if you put this system in a closed loop without the solar flower, but I wasn't expecting the rate to drop to a third