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    Hey guys, I spent the last two days building two reactors which i wanna show you now.

    So first, my CASUC-Reactor (Its not really simple but very effective ! 1538 EU/t <--NOT constantly supplying)
    Pictures with description in my imgur album.
    Click me for pics MinecraftCreeper !
    Next, the breeder which is much simpler than the CASUC.
    Click me for breeder pics MinecraftSkeleton !

    I may do a video when getting my new PC, for your own configuration you may have to adjust the timers according to pipe length etc. I wont give details on the timer length because you will have to adjust it yourself.
    With this topic i just wanted to give you an Idea of how a reactor like this COULD look like, its NOT a tutorial.

    I dont know why but somehow it doesnt show all of the comments only parts.. May or may not depend on your screen size.

    EDIT: I wasnt able to fix all the bugs yet.

    Hey all, i normally dont have problems with understanding what an error means but this is new. May you tell me what causes it ?

    It was ID Checker :D

    sorry i just woke up a bit ago...

    razor fixed you should be able to log in now

    killerlsp everything your carrying will be transferred including armor worn

    Worked for like two seconds then chrashed again :/
    Edit: I think the server doesnt like me anymore :/
    Edit²: Even a complete fresh installation didnt work :/

    may kay or oni delete my player file ? it must be in a folder, its the reason why i cant join, just tested on an other server there it worked, so yeah would be nice :D

    Hey kay or oni or whoever reads this :D
    Its me Razor. The problem is that i cant even join to pack my things :/
    So.. pretty shitty..
    What can I do ? After about one second I get disconnected with an end of stream cant even type anything :/
    Help ?
    Edit: Now its an instant end of stream... Wouldnt it be better to restart from scratch.. like everyone and everything ?