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    1. In game name: wolfgang784

    2. Have you played industrial craft before: I played Industrial Craft first several months ago and hosted a small server for some friends for a few weeks. I have built every machine many times and know how everything works. As for Industrial Craft 2, I have played it for about two weeks now and know pretty much about it. I can do everything in the mod just about and have a good amount of recipes memorized. I can make an extremely efficient reactor and all that.

    3. Have you ever been banned from a server and if so, why: I have yet to be banned from a server, and it will stay that way. I am actually a Guide (almost like a mod) on Herocraft, if you have ever heard of them. Pretty well known server.

    4. Other Information: Figured I would post a bit about myself, as well. My name is Steve, I am currently 17 years old, and would very much like to play on an Industrial Craft server for a bit. I have never used BuildCraft and it sounds pretty cool, so I want to play that for a bit and see how it works out with IC2.

    Certain items are not craftable right now, such as the Illuminators due to crashes or other issues with them. I don't know about other items that were taken out off the top of my head. Also if you did not get the items legit, meaning you spawned them or used TooManyItems, the items that spawn sometimes won't work in crafting. An example I can think of is power crystals. If you spawn them for an MFE/MFS unit, they spawn with no charge bar and so cannot be charged or depleted and don't work in crafting.

    If you are playing legit and the item is something you are sure is in, its always a good idea to try re installing everything.

    The laser destroys almost anything, its a laser. Build the arena out of reinforced stone or obsidian and you should be good. The laser is made to be the ultimate destroyer of things shadowed only by the Nuke. At least I'm pretty sure it is, since it has always destroyed almost anything even in IC.

    Part 1: The Error

    I have been running an IC2 private SMP server for a project me and my friends are working on, and it has worked for few several days. However earlier this afternoon we all started crashing after a random amount of time, whether it be the instant we join or not for half an hour. We get the following error upon crashing, but no black screen. It's this error posted on the normal mc launcher background like when a server shuts down or you log in without a required mod, that screen.

    "Internal exception: string length of 1852243968 is higher than the max 65535"

    I have tried restarting the server and of course we have tried re starting the clients. I tried re installing the mods and nothing changed. The number is different for each of us each time. I got that one time, 1986330624 another time, and so on, both lesser and greater numbers.

    There are no errors in the console and minecraft does not produce an error log either, since it didn't fully crash, more of an error. When we crash the console says that we disconnected with the reason "EndOfStream".

    The mods we have installed are: IC2 and everything it needs of course, and TooManyItems. It worked fine with TooManyItems for over a day so I don't see how that could be the problem, and I don't think all of us that are crashing have it actually, so only some of use even have that. The rest just have IC2 and it's requirements.

    UPDATE: I started Minecraft through a .bat file that I use sometimes to start it with more ram since for certain texture packs it needs that. Anyway, I noticed when I crashed this time the cmd window gave more information. It said this: String length of 1869742080 is higher than the max (65535).
    at Patcket230ModLoader.a(
    at vl.a(SourceFile:145)
    at iq.e(SourceFile:190)
    at iq.c(SourceFile:10)

    So it has to do with ModLoader as well now. Still no idea what to do about it though.

    Any ideas people?

    Part 2: The Question =P

    I notice when we turn on the reactors we need to power the structure (11 reactors each with the 4 reactor thingys) as well as the water system to cool them when they are on, we get our maximum fps's when standing within 10 blocks of them. If we walk farther than that, however, the fps starts to spike between (for me) 50 ish as my max, and down to 15 rapidly. The farther I get, the lower is goes. At 30 blocks away my fps is stuck at 4 and when I fly farther it stays between 0 and 4 even if I fly far enough to unload the chunks. I flew over 300 blocks and still lagged until my friend hit the switches to turn off the reactors and water. As soon as they were off, I was fine.

    QUICK EDIT: If you are maybe 30 blocks or so away from the reactor when someone turns it on then you do not lag. However if you get close to it, then walk away, you will lag no matter how far you go again as usual.

    The server doesn't go above 5% cpu usage even with all the reactors on, so it handles them fine. Why do we suffer so bad even when we are far away? Is this fixable?

    My friends think that both of these problems might have something to do with the size of the ship and requested that I post a screen shot of it. The little orange thing near the top part to the side with all the beams is a person.


    Part 3: Thanks for the help =D

    Thanks for all of the help, or at least just reading it.